Emma Frost Costume History

Updated on March 7, 2019
Source: www.kribbs.com/dodge
Source: www.kribbs.com/dodge

Emma Frost made her first appearance in the 1980 issue of Uncanny X-Men #129. She has the mutant power of telepathy and later discovered she had the ability to turn herself into a diamond like material that was both fluid and practically indestructible. During her time with the Hellfire Club she was known as the White Queen. Emma Frost was one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies. With her strong leadership skills she formed the Hellions to fight the New Mutants as well as other junior X-Teams.

Emma’s journey would eventually bring her over to the good guys. Emma only wanted to help mutants. She felt she could do this better than Professor Xavier. After all her students were killed she learned the errors of her ways. She became a vital member of the team. Not only would she fight alongside them but she would also be instrumental in the teaching of their students and helping run the school.

Shy is a word that would never be used to describe Emma. She almost always makes it to the top of any list discussing the sexiest women in comics. Although she has not had many costume changes over the years, she continually flaunts her body and her costumes lean heavily toward the more risqué side.

Emma Frost Original White Queen Costume
Emma Frost Original White Queen Costume

The White Queen

The White Queen’s first costume was from when she originally worked as a dancer/stripper for the Hellfire Club. (It depends on when and who is telling the story.) Most women despised the attire they were required to wear for working with the club but Emma Frost fully embraced it. She understood and loved the power of her sexuality. She had no problems wielding her beauty as a weapon. This is why she kept her outfit as she rose to power within the Hellfire Club.

Many superheroine outfits give the illusion of just having undergarments on but the White Queen actually did. Her all white outfit was anything but pure. Emma’s white panties and corset left nothing to the imagination. The thigh high boots offered her the most protection and the opera gloves attempted to add some much needed class. Being a villain allowed Emma to wear a fur lined cape and not care what PETA thought. In her defense, she probably needed that fur to offer some warmth on those cold days.

Emma Frost Generation X Teacher Costume
Emma Frost Generation X Teacher Costume

Villain to Hero

When Emma started working with the X-Men instead of fighting against them she wore something a little less revealing and more appropriate for being out in public. However, it would still be a long way off from being reserved. While teaching the Generation X mutants she put on a pair of tight white pants and switched out her half open corset with a zipped up bodice. This was a wise move since she was working with children. Although, I am sure the male students were happy to get her as their teacher. Her politically incorrect fur cape was replaced with a professional white blazer. Now that she was working for the X-Men she had a choker with an X on it letting everyone know what team she was on.

Emma Frost White and Gold Generation X Costume
Emma Frost White and Gold Generation X Costume

Fully Clothed?

After being a part of Generation X for an extended period of time Emma switched to the team uniform being worn by her students, of course she added a few tweaks of her own. Like the kids she wore a full bodysuit but hers was white. She also had the yellow accessories. Her boots and gloves were big and clunky; they looked like they were being borrowed from Iron Man. Still wanting people to know she was one of the good guys Emma also had on the big heavyweight championship belt with a large X on the buckle and the zipper to her costume also had an X on it. Although the zipper X may have been smaller in size it was probably the most noticed since Emma would have it zipped down exposing much more skin than the rest of her team.

Emma Frost X-Men Costume
Emma Frost X-Men Costume
Emma Frost X-Men Costume
Emma Frost X-Men Costume | Source

X-Men Uniform

After transferring from Generation X to the X-Men Emma also switched to the new team uniform. She liked her uniform to be a lot more revealing than her teammates and to be all white. It is important to stick with a color that works. Emma has no problems wearing white, even after Labor Day. Not wanting to wear the same thing all the time, she would switch between tight leather pants and tight hotpants. Her other articles of clothing were a white trench coat and platform boots. The boots make a lot more sense than the heels she wore in the past. You may have noticed I have not mentioned a top yet. She really did not wear a top with this ensemble. Instead she put (glued?) two fragments of cloth to her chest. A bra would have covered more but the pattern of skin showing could be considered to resemble that of an X.

Emma Frost X-Men Costume Bodice
Emma Frost X-Men Costume Bodice

P.R. Costume

In an effort to have better relations with the general public the X-men changed their costumes to a more traditional look. For Emma this meant wearing a white outfit that would be appropriate during prime time television. Although conservative for Emma, this costume still pushed the boundaries of decency. She stuck with the tight leather pants but these would blend into her boots giving a seamless appearance. She brought back the opera gloves from her original costume. She did add a top to this outfit but it did not cover a lot. This leather halter top covered about as much as a sports bra but looked a lot more fashionable with a cape attached to the bustline. Sometimes the halter top would be switched with her original corset. The cape wrapped around her arms which might pose a problem during a fight but at least it was fur free. To accessorize, Emma wore a white belt and choker. Sometimes they would have an X symbol on them and other times the logo would be left out.

Emma Frost Headmistress Costume
Emma Frost Headmistress Costume


When the Xavier Institute was re-opened Emma Frost and Scott Storm took over as headmistress and headmaster. As a school administrator Emma changed her wardrobe but would wear her old costume when fighting evil. Her pants, although not baggy, were not as tight and the boots were distinctly separated. Her white belt had an X on the square buckle and her choker had an X necklace attached. Rather than have her flesh form an X on her chest this time around she used crisscrossed fabric. Not wanting to cover too much skin, she wore a sleeveless trench coat. This outfit showed off her pride in not only her body but the X-Men.


Emma Frost / White Queen made her first live action film debut in the movie “X-Men: First Class”. This sexy vixen was played by the beautiful January Jones. Jones has been best known for her work on “Mad Men” as Betty Draper/Francis. It takes a brave actress to take on the role of Emma Frost during her bad girl days. The movie had her dress in outfits very similar to the ones found in the comic books including her “dancer” costume.

January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class
January Jones as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class


Before January Jones took on the role of Emma Frost for the film X-Men: First Class in 2011 there was the television movie Generation X. Back in 1996 the role of Emma Frost was played by Finola Hughes. Generation X was originally a pilot but it was unable to be picked up or gather the fans needed to continue.

Generation X poster, Finola Hughes as Emma Frost.
Generation X poster, Finola Hughes as Emma Frost.

Halloween Costumes

Her mass market costumes may not be as popular as other heroine/villainess costumes due to Emma’s skimpy preferences but there are a few styles available.

Emma Frost Halloween Costumes
Emma Frost Halloween Costumes


Emma Frost costumes may not be widely available in mass market Halloween shops but can be assembled by going to the local lingerie store.

Emma Frost Cosplay Costume Models at Conventions
Emma Frost Cosplay Costume Models at Conventions
Emma Frost Cosplay Costume Models Recreate Art From Comics
Emma Frost Cosplay Costume Models Recreate Art From Comics


Google Images (Images appeared on several sites and was unsure of original)

And of course: Reading way too many comic books.

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      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Emma frost is one of the best mutants. From her diamond skin to her telepathy. And her outfits are totally badass!

      • nuffsaidstan profile image


        6 years ago

        Yeah shes terrible!

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago

        Glad you enjoyed the Hub. I have received a lot of debate concerning January Jones in the role of Emma Frost and I understand.

        Beyond looks she is not the strongest actor out there. Okay, she may be near the bottom.

      • nuffsaidstan profile image


        6 years ago

        I love the Emma Frost character but January Jones didn't do it for me, she just did not look like Emma Frost, cool hub.

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago

        Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. It is always nice to have fans of the characters enjoy the articles.

      • Puspanjalee profile image

        Puspanjalee Das Dutta 

        6 years ago from India

        Wow..that was very interesting.. Emma Frost is always one of my favorite mutants and I agree that her costume is very much provocative. Your hub has given the readers a detailed description of her and it will definitely make the readers to again go through the Uncanny X-men to have glimpse of her.


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