Firestar Costume History

Updated on October 18, 2016
Firestar Costume History
Firestar Costume History | Source

Firestar's first appearance was not in comics, but the 1981 to 1983 Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends cartoon series. The television show had Spider-Man fighting many of Marvel's famous villains with his friends Firestar and Iceman. Firestar was voiced by the talented Kathy Garver. Firestar's alter ego, Angelica Jones, was originally going to be Mary Jane Watson. After an earlier pilot had been created, it was decided to cut the MJ character from the series completely. Since animation had been completed, it was more cost and time effective to simply dub over Mary Jane's voice with Angelica. This is why Angelica Jones looks almost exactly like Peter Parker's long time love interest, complete with straight red hair, and when she turns into Firestar her hair is a wavy red. Firestar would not make her comic book debut until the 1985 issue of Uncanny X-Men #193. The book was written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Romita Jr.

(The following is Firestar’s comic book origin story)

Angelica moved around a lot as a child. Her father's job working in the nuclear industry had them living all over the country. Her mother died early in her life and her father's mother helped raise her. Her grandmother was affectionately called Nana. Angelica constantly having to change homes and friends was hard on her confidence and self esteem. Her father, Bart Jones, and Nana often disagreed over how to best help Angelica. Nana tried to make her feel special, while Bart preferred a more realistic approach. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when Angelica started to develop her mutant powers as a teenager. Despite choosing the superhero name Firestar and often looking like fire when using her powers, Angelica does not create fire like the Human Torch. She actually generates, redirects and absorbs ambient radiation. She can then manipulation the radiation into microwave radiation, plasma blasts, light generation/disruption or psionic power. Her ability to fly is created by causing a downward thrust. Although she has demonstrated immense power when dealing with cosmic threats, she is conscious of limiting her powers while on Earth. Luckily, the first accidental use of her powers was not catastrophic. When her newest classmates were teasing her in the cafeteria, she unconsciously caused her chocolate milk to explode and get all over a teacher. The detention that followed would be mild compared to future accidents. These female bullies later destroyed her project for the school's ice sculpting contest. (Ice sculpting is very popular at schools.) Angelica's powers were once again unleashed. This time, she melted all the other ice sculptures. She ran to a nearby public telephone to call her Nana, but nobody picked up. Growing even more scared, the phone accidentally melted in her hand and she sprinted home. She arrived home to discover an ambulance responding to her Nana, who had a heart attack.

Angelica's powers manifested themselves at a time when mutants were feared by the public. She did not discuss her powers with anyone, until she tried to tell her father, after Nana's funeral. Bart refused to believe his daughter, until she started to glow and melt the snow around them. Rather than supporting his daughter, he became fearful.

Charles Xavier and Emma Frost had detected Angelica when she first manifested her powers and wanted to recruit her in their respective schools. Emma had found Angelica first and convinced Bart to enrolled her in the Massachusetts Academy, before Professor X could let her know about his New Mutants.

From the beginning of her attendance at the school, Emma Frost recognized Angelica's power and began her manipulation, in the hopes of making her a Hellfire assassin. Angelica was easily taken in by Emma's charm and gifts, like a gold bracelet. Angelica loved the free use of the stables and formed a special bond with the horse Butter Rum. Emma assigned Randall Chase as her bodyguard. Their relationship evolved into a sibling relationship. Angelica didn't recognize how Emma's action were also causing her to once again be a social outcast. Angelica didn’t associate with non mutant students, because she was being reinforced to fear her powers and did not attend group training sessions with the Hellions, the mutants at the school used to help the Hellfire Club. Emma began intensified her plans when she had her school throw a formal dance and invited the New Mutants. She contrived for Angelica and Sam Guthrie to get together. When these two kids kissed later that night, Emma broke up their moment and scolded Angelica for endangering the boy's life. Angelica ran to the comfort of the stables. Sadly, her power accidentally set it on fire and Butter Rum was killed as a result. Devastated, Angelica tried to hide in the woods. “Fortunately”, Emma was able to find Angelica and comfort her. The next opportunity for Emma Frost to start twisting events was her arranging a trip home for Angelica and having Randall go along with her. Bart did not trust his daughter’s powers and tension ran high between them. When Angelica ended the trip early, secret Hellfire club henchmen distracted Randall and initiated anti-mutant sentiment against Angelica and her father. To stop them from physically beating her father, Angelica used her powers against them. The White Queen had succeeded in having Angelica use her powers against another person.

Angelica resumed her education at the Massachusetts Academy. However, she continued to be unable to form social connections with anybody except Randall and Emma. Randall had always suspected the White Queen had special plans for Angelica and didn't trust her. When he discovered Emma's intentions of turning her into an assassin and how she had manipulated her, Randall was ready to tell Angelica. Unfortunately his thoughts were easily read by Emma's telepathic powers. Randall was taken by Hellfire guards and severely beaten. Emma told Angelica that Randall had died, but she was unaware he had escaped. Randall made it to Angela's room, despite being critically shot as he fled. He managed to tell Angelica the whole truth, before passing away in her arms. Full of rage, Angelica proved just how powerful she was when in full control of her abilities. Angelica overpowered all the Hellfire guards in her way, passed every obstacle thrown at her, completely destroyed the White Queen's underground base and forced Emma into promising to leave Angelica and those people she cared about alone. Angelica left the school and returned home to live a normal life. This time she would do it as a confident women, who understood and could control her unique gift.

However, normal rarely applies to individuals with super powers. She received a telephone call threatening to expose her secret, if she didn't follow their instructions. She put on the Firestar costume Emma had given her and went to meet her blackmailers. She immediately fired a warning blast at three men standing at the meeting spot on the roof. The guys on the roof were Night Thrasher, Nova and Marvel Boy. Night Thrasher was able to explain why he had used a threatening phone call to get her attention. He wanted to create a team of young superheroes to deal with the threats that established teams, like the Avengers and Fantastic Four, did not have the time to stop. These would not be third rate villains, as was about to be proven. A nearby construction site had accidentally released Terrax. The young heroes jumped into action to stop the former herald of Galactus from harming the people around him. Firestar's blast was powerful enough to hurt Terrax and allow the others to succeed in their first battle. The media named this group of young heroes the New Warriors and a team was born. It was here that Firestar would begin to form real friendships with her peers. Her relationship with Marvel Boy grew stronger and they became romantically involved. Sadly, they would be torn apart, when Marvel Boy turned himself into authorities, after accidentally killing his abusive father. Firestar's life would be filled with traumatic events and as the emotional strain built up, she found herself using her powers more often and with greater intensity. However, she still held back her powers enough to make sure no one nearby was harmed and would only intensify her use as a last resort.

When Vance Astrovik was released from prison, he changed his code name from Marvel Boy to Justice and started working for Shinobi Shaw. It was revealed that Justice had not abandoned his friends, but was actually working as a spy for the New Warriors. Justice and Firestar resumed their relationship.

When the New Warriors disbanded, Firestar followed Justice's dream of joining the Avengers. They managed to prove their worth and gain permanent membership by defeating Whirlwind and rescuing the team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It was during her time with the Avengers that Firestar discovered her X-Gene was not fully protecting her body from her mutant abilities. The microwave radiation she created was slowly killing her. Dr. Hank Pym was able to create a suit that not only siphoned off the excess radiation destroying her body, but also repaired the damage already done.

When the New Warriors were reassembled, Firestar and Justice left the Avengers and joined their old team. They would later quit the New Warriors and being superheroes, so they could get married and lead a normal life. Firestar started her normal life by enrolling in college. As she became more involved in living this ordinary lifestyle, she spent less time planning her wedding. When Vance asked her if she was having second thoughts, she explained how she still loved him, but wanted to experience more of this normalcy before settling down. Vance left and Angelica was once again hurt by losing a person she cared for.

Firestar was one of the few mutants who retained her powers after the House of M storyline. Keeping her powers was only a partial blessing. The Stamford incident that killed over 600 people, including 60 elementary children, caused huge repercussions for all superheroes. Former New Warrior Carlton LeFroyage, Hindsight, started revealing his old teammates secret identities on his website and the government was trying to pass the Superhuman Registration Act, requiring all meta-humans to register with S.H.I.E.L.D. Firestar met a reporter dressed in costume at a bar and discussed the difficulties of balancing two separate lives. She then announced her full retirement from the superhero business.

Angelica Jones became close friends with Black Cat, Hellcat, and Photon. These Marvel Divas would have lots of fun being single women in New York City. They showed their true friendship when Angelica was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Despite seeking help from the likes of Night Nurse and Dr. Strange, the cancer was incurable. Her three friends had split up to find other extreme measures that might save their friend’s life. One day Angelica woke up cancer free. Hellcat had her ex-husband Daimon Hellstorm cure her, by agreeing to spend one night in hell. However, Daimon had more for Hellcat in the deal than she expected and Firestar, Black Cat and Photon had to rescue her from Hell.

Firestar was back into the superhero business full time. Which means she was back to balance being a superhero, her college classes and maintain some semblance of a social life. She would often have to skip classes or run out on social engagements, because some emergency would arise. In one battle with Aftershock, she narrowly survived being caught in an explosion. Feeling more pressure to socialize and less support fighting for good, she left the Marvel Divas and continued crime fighting on her own.

Original Costume

Firestar's original costume was very similar to the one she had in the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends cartoon series. The major difference was the still images in a comic book allowed for more detail to be put into the form of her body. This was evident with her skintight yellow body suit. It was so snug that that it showed almost every curve of her body, including her bellybutton. At first there was a collar, but it would later disappear. Sometimes her costume would stop at the clavicle and other times it would complete cover her neck. The long red boots and gloves had an orange trim with a jagged cut, giving the illusions of being on fire. The original girl on fire! Her domino mask was also a fiery red and shaped to look like flames. This is the costume she continually returns too.

Firestar Original Costume
Firestar Original Costume | Source


Firestar moved away from her stereotypical superhero costume and updated her look for the 90s. She still had the extremely form fitting bodysuit, but there was a more detailed pattern in its coloring. The main color of the suit was black. A red one-piece with orange on the top covered her torso and the arms were yellow. She still had knee high red boots, but the gloves were much simpler and only covered her hands. She also wore a short sleeve jacket, because a hero with the name Firestar gets cold easily. Instead of a mask, she wore yellow tinted sunglasses. The ensemble was accessorized with a simple pair of gold star shaped earrings.

Firestar Costume Without Jacket
Firestar Costume Without Jacket
Firestar's original Avenger costume with open front.
Firestar's original Avenger costume with open front.

Avengers Costume

Firestar would ditch the jacket and return to the full body superhero suit. The base of the costume was a dark red. A black section started at her shoulders and came down in an uneven triangle to her bellybutton. (This was originally opened, but Firestar felt it was too indecent.) the hand and feet sections were also black to give some dimension to the look. All the black found in the costume was outlined in a yellow flame pattern. The sunglasses were gone and instead of using a mask, her face had an orange and yellow flame imprinted on it.

Firestar Updated Bodysuit Costume
Firestar Updated Bodysuit Costume


Firestar fans have not been able to rely on costume shops to buy their outfits, so they have had to make their own cosplay outfits.

Original Firestar Cosplay Costumes
Original Firestar Cosplay Costumes | Source
Alternate Firestar Cosplay Costumes
Alternate Firestar Cosplay Costumes | Source


Google Images (Images appeared on several sites and was unsure of original)

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