Four Addicting Fantasy Series for Kindle

Updated on October 25, 2019
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Kristin obtained a BA in English Literature and an MA in teaching. Currently teaches English Lit and ESL at an International High School.

This free kindle books will completely absorb you.
This free kindle books will completely absorb you. | Source

Many authors, especially independently published authors, let Kindle users purchase the first book in a series for free. This strategy helps the author acquire new readership from those who may not purchase their books otherwise. This also helps readers discover new authors without the risk of wasting their money on the first book in a series that ends up being terrible.

Below is a list of young adult and new adult series that offer the first book in the series for free on Kindle.

Great Free Kindle Novels

  1. Runes—Ednah Walters
  2. Guardians: The Girl—Lola St. Vil
  3. Flight (The Crescent Chronicles)—Alyssa Rose Ivy
  4. Ignited (The Ignited Series)—Desni Dantone

1. Runes—Ednah Walters

This Young Adult series has a total of seven books and one novella in the main series, plus an additional three books that detail events happening elsewhere during the course of the main series. The cost of the rest of the books in the series range from $2.99 to $3.99.

This series uses Norse mythology as a basis for the story. It is about a young girl who gets a sexy new neighbor that changes her whole view of the world after he saves her life with strange markings that he places on her skin. The series traces her and her friends' journey of discovering who they really are and where they really come from, a world of gods, goddesses, valkyries, and reapers. The first book in the series focuses on Raine, her growing relationship with the valkyrie Torin, and her discovery that her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her; she is also somehow a part of this magical world.

This series contains books from both Raine's perspective and others from her best friend's perspective. Her best friend is also discovering that she has been lied to her entire life and she also has a love story of her own with a reaper named Echo. Cora is sent to a psychiatric hospital because she keeps seeing ghosts. When she comes back home, all she wants to do is try to be normal and go back to school, but she soon finds out that she can't go back to the way things used to be, especially when she begins seeing ghosts again.

The three novels in the side story follow Raine's male best friend, Eirik, who is like part of her family, and his journey after he meets his real parents. This book also contains a love story.

2. Guardians: The Girl—Lola St. Vil

Probably one of the most addicting series ever. You may have seen this advertised on Facebook. There are eight books in the original series, eight books in the first spinoff, and there will be an additional eight in the second spinoff. Though I feel as though the world and characters are getting stale at this point, I did enjoy the first two series in this world. The second series follows the antics of the children of the original characters. Series three continues to follow their children and grandchildren. I plan to do a full review of this series on my blog at a later date. I do want to warn you that this book is marketed to young adults, but I believe it is more suited to 17+ because the author includes some very questionable material that she warns younger readers to flip past, which we all know that curious kids will not do.

This series follows immature,15 year old Emerson, a normal girl who gets attacked by demons and saved by a pack of angels who she thought were just normal classmates. Emerson learns the angels are there to protect her as she is the only person who can find a secret map that tells the location to the bridge of souls. If the map gets into the wrong hands, the world will be destroyed. As Emerson begins to fall in love with the angel leader of the group, she gradually begins to mature.

If you can get past how annoying the main character can sometimes be and how much the two main characters go back and forth than you will find this series is really addicting and has some shocking twists and turns in it. At times, some of the plot events made me angry, but not in a bad way. Try it! It has had over 200 million downloads according to Amazon and tons of five star reviews.

3. Flight (The Crescent Chronicles)—Alyssa Rose Ivy

This four book series is aimed at New Adults. It follows a recent east coast high school graduate as she spends her summer working at her estranged father's new hotel in New Orleans where she meets a guy named Levi who turns her life upside down. Allie soon realizes that New Orleans isn't going to be just a summer of fun, especially after she is tricked into being bonded to Levi for life! With no choice, Allie is forced to go to college in New Orleans where she becomes roommates with her new best friend, a shifter girl, named Hailey.

Levi and his friends are shifters. Levi is slated to be the leader of the shifters after his father retires, but first Levi needs to find his true mate in order to be respected as a leader. Levi believes Allie is his true mate, but there are countless others who think they deserve Allie as a mate too, especially because Allie will determine which family will lead the shifters next. Will Levi's family stay in charge or will Allie pick someone else? Because of Allie's power to determine who will rule, she is constantly in danger of being kidnapped and forced to marry against her will.

The rest of the books in this series are $2.99 each. Book four of this series recaps events from the author books from Levi's perspective.

This series also has a spinoff series that follows characters that are introduced during the series. Jared is Allie's first boyfriend. After Jared is revealed to be a shifter, he tries to get Allie back so that he can rule, but he fails. Jared is granted as acting leader of the east coast shifters. This novel follows Jared as he recovers from his rejection and finds a new love interest.

4. Ignited (The Ignited Series)—Desni Dantone

This is a four book series with the remaining two books costing $3.99. The key elements in this book focus on good versus evil and destiny versus choice. Can one change their destiny? This book series will keep you up at night! It is a page turner!

Kris has been rescued from death four times in the past 14 years from the same mysterious man. Now 17, she begins to be followed by weird golden-eyed people who are trying to kill her. Her mysterious protector, once again, shows up and whisks her away to a cabin in the woods to protect her. The illusion she has created of him is shattered when he continues to treat her harshly and rudely.

This book series also contains a love triangle with another character named Alec who is predestined to be evil, but is really just a misunderstood and mislabeled bad boy trying to fight his inner demons, literally. Kris actually meets Alec, the new kid in school, before she formally meets Nathan. Alec and Kris become close and start to form a romantic relationship when Nathan comes in and claims he is protecting her from Alec. After that, Alec disappears from the book until close to the end, but don't worry, Alec is prevalent throughout the rest of the series. It's a good thing too because he is probably the best character in the series. Throughout the series, Alec helps Kris contain her own inner evil and they become close.

To add to this triangle between Nathan, Kris, and Alec, enter Micah who thinks he is destined to be with Kris. Micah is another highly protected character. He was created to be Kris' opposite. Kris is told that she was made to kill Micah, but she refuses to believe she is capable of killing him.

During the course of the series, Kris' totally human best friend Callie becomes involved in the supernatural happenings of her friend's life.

Which of these series looks the most interesting?

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