Gamora Costume History

Updated on October 26, 2019
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Zoe Saldana Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Poster
Zoe Saldana Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Poster

History of Gamora

Gamora was created by Jim Starlin for the 1975 issue of Strange Tales #180. She meets Pip in a tavern at the end of the story Judgment Day! and has a cryptic offer to join him and Adam Warlock in defeating Magus.

Gamora is the last of the Zen Whoberi. Their entire population was destroyed by the Universal Church of Truth. The continuity was later changed to have the Badoon killing off the Zen Whoberi. Thanos found the orphaned girl and hatched a plan. He took Gamora in and began training her to kill Magus. Thanos raised her with strict discipline and made sure she mastered the fighting styles from across the universe. He also became a father figure to Gamora and showed some paternal affection. (At least as much as Thanos is capable of.)

On one trip, Gamora ignored Thanos' instructions to stay off the planet. While on the surface, she was attacked. Gamora was overwhelmed by their superior numbers. The gang beat her nearly to death and gang-raped her. Thanos showed up and quickly defeated her attackers. He brought Gamora back to Sanctuary, so he could heal her. He also augmented her with bionic implants and replacement parts he had designed himself. She was now physically upgraded to augment her fighting skills. Her speed, reflexes, agility, senses, stamina, and durability were brought to superhuman levels. To make sure she was up to the task of destroying the god-like Magus, she was also given specialized training and abilities. She became even more deadly with her resistance to reality distortion and telepathic attacks. Like Wolverine, her healing allowed her to recover from almost any injury and her skeleton was coated in an almost indestructible material. However, this alloy was created by Thanos and not the naturally occurring adamantium.

By the time Gamora became a young adult, she was ready to go after Magus and the Universal Church of Truth. She succeeded in getting near Magus but failed to kill him. Thanos joined Gamora, Adam Warlock and Pip to finish the job. Even with his assistance, Thanos was forced to retreat and teleport the whole group back to Sanctuary, when Magnus had 25,000 of his Black Knight Attack them. Magus was eventually defeated and Thanos assigned Gamora a new mission. She was to befriend Adam Warlock and spy on him. In reality, Thanos was more concerned with making sure Gamora didn't discover his ultimate goal of stellar genocide.

Unfortunately, her mission failed before she could get things moving. Drax the Destroyer blasted her ship in his quest to destroy Thanos. Luckily, Adam Warlock was able to transport her soul into his Soul Gem before her body died. Gamora now lived in Soulworld, within the Soul Gem. She learned Thanos' true intentions of mass genocide and severed all ties to her adoptive father. Gamora, Pip and Adam Warlock lived happily in Soulworld, until the Silver Surfer and Drax showed up to request their help in once again defeating the recently resurrected Thanos.

Adam Warlock led his friends out of Soulworld and back to the land of the living. However, their souls needed new vessels, so they inhabited the bodies of three people who had recently died in a car accident. They then joined the fight with the galaxy's heroes and gods to stop Thanos, who had acquired all the Infinity Gems. When the Infinity Gauntlet storyline concluded, the Living Tribunal ordered Adam Warlock to never use the Infinity Gems he had acquired together. This caused Adam to divide the stones amongst individuals he had complete trust in. They would then form the Infinity Watch. Against Gamora's personal desires, she accepted the responsibility and power of the Time Gem. The burden she carried was instantly apparent when Gamora was given a glimpse of her friend Adam Warlock's future death, the moment the stone was placed on her head. While part of the Infinity Watch, Gamora's feeling of friendship toward Adam began to grow more romantic. However, she kept these emotions to herself.

Magus resurfaced and once again brought the entire universe to the brink of destruction. The evil doppelgänger of Adam Warlock had acquired the Cosmic Cubes and was after the Infinity Gauntlet in his quest to reshape the universe in his image. To accomplish his goal, Magus created evil doppelgängers of Earth's superheroes. The Infinity War storyline would force Gamora and the Infinity Watch to team up with Thanos. During the Infinity War, Gamora was chosen by Galactus to help wake the omnipotent entity Eternity from his catatonic state. Eternity is part of the cosmic pantheon and would be essential to defeating Magus. By the end of the war, Adam Warlock was in a coma. Driven by her love for Adam, she took on a leadership role in the Watch, to keep the fragile team together, and didn't leave Warlock's side until he recovered.

Adam Warlock's decision to purge his good and evil sides would once again have cosmic consequences endangering the universe. This time his good side, known as the Goddess, was on a quest to collect all the Cosmic Cubes. She wanted to create a Cosmic Egg to help her eradicating all evil from the universe. During The Infinity Crusade storyline, the Goddess telepathically controlled Gamora and used her as one the highest-ranking members of the Holy Guard. Gamora proved an effective recruit in fighting many of Marvel's superheroes. The Goddess was defeated and Gamora was freed from her control.

Infinity Watch

Gamora's fighting skills continually proved vital to the Infinity Watch. When Thor went bad, during the Blood and Thunder storyline, Gamora was one of the last Watch members standing in their epic battle against the Thunder God. She even held her own against an army of Asgardians later on in the story. It would be her love for Adam that eventually led to her leaving the team. Adam Warlock fell in love with Maya, because of a love potion created by Count Abyss. When Maxam made a joke about her "puppy love" for Adam, Gamora became enraged and attacked him. It was not only Maxam's insensitive comment but also the knowledge that it was he who she had seen kill Adam in her premonition upon receiving the Time Gem. Things got worse when Adam Warlock sided with Maxam. He scolded Gamora and asked for her Infinity Gem. Gamora's response was to throw her gem at Adam and quit the Watch. Gamora would return to the team shortly before they officially disbanded.

The Infinity Watch was no longer working together, but Gamora and Adam Warlock found themselves teaming up again. During the Infinity Abyss storyline, Gamora and a few of the old Infinity Watch helped Thanos defeat his clones. It was during the Infinity Abyss storyline that Atleza Langunn was discovered living on Earth. This young girl was destined to become the guardian of actuality. Adam and Gamora became adoptive parents and raised this young and powerful cosmic being. When Thanos destroyed the universe, they were spared because the three of them were beyond the universe.

Deadliest Woman in the Universe

Gamora eventually left Adam Warlock and Atleza. She was no longer romantically involved with Adam and went out into the universe shortly before the Annihilation Wars began. To highlight the new chapter in her life and attempt to reclaim her old title as The Deadliest Woman in the Universe, Gamora started wearing an updated costume and wielding a new dagger named Godslayer. She soon found herself fighting with Nova's United Front, in an attempt to stop Annihilus and his forces from destroying all life in their path. Gamora was infected by the Phalanx during the second Annihilation War and became part of the Select. She was able to capture and infect Nova and Drax the Destroyer, while under the Phalanx's control. Nova broke free of the virus' influence and fled to the Technarx's home planet, with Gamora and Drax chasing close behind. It was here that the techno-organic and former New Mutant member Warlock was able to cure Gamora and Drax.

At the conclusion of the second Annihilation War, Gamora was once again striving to find her role in the universe and trying to satisfy her desire to make the galaxy a better place. She found her answer with Starlord's Guardians of the Galaxy. The team was created to protect the universe from galactic level threats. With a reputation of being the Deadliest Woman in the Universe, it took time for her new teammates to trust her, but when she selflessly risked her own life to save the others she was openly accepted as a colleague and a friend.

Original Gamora Costume
Original Gamora Costume

Blood Red

When Gamora was presumed dead but actually being held prisoner by Magus and the Church of Truth she wore a more threatening costume. The main body of the outfit consisted of a solid one piece. However, Gamora has never been modest and unzipped at the chest. She moved away from her usual green color scheme and wore all black with red accents. Her simple green headband was replaced with a much larger red one. The belt still had a skull buckle, but the belt itself was made of metal rings. A matching chain around her neck held the cape in place. Gamora looked like a demonic warrior in this costume.

Gamora left the team briefly when she learned Starlord had them slightly brainwashed by Mantis to secure them into joining the team. However, the Guardian's mission was noble and Gamora returned to the team. Her loyalties to the group remained strong from then on. Even when Magus took her soul, recreated her with Church of Truth's belief energy and tortured her to convert, Gamora still fought alongside the Guardians, when they freed her and the other Church of Truth's prisoners.

Gamora Questing Costume
Gamora Questing Costume

Original Costume

Gamora’s original costume would be worn for decades. She had a dark green bodysuit that looked as if it was made from a thick fishnet material. It was a darker shade of green than her skin color, so it did look like she was wearing some clothing. Although, the costume was completely opened with a V cut from the bottom of her belly button all the way up to her neck. To go along with her Deadliest Woman in the Universe reputation, gold skulls clasped the costume at her shoulders. A gold belt with decorative circles held on yellow stips of fabric at her waist. This helped create the illusion of movement as Gamora skillfully attacked her opponents. She also had gold bracelets and yellow makeup around her eyes.

Gamora Red and Black Costume
Gamora Red and Black Costume | Source

Quest Costume

When Gamora struck out on her own, she started wearing a new costume. It consisted of a lot less material. The main part of this outfit was a green monokini with a golden trim. The fabric was just wide enough to pass the Comic Code Authority censors. It was held together in the back with slim bands of gold fabric. A thick brown leather belt hung around her waist. A large demonic skull was used as the buckle. It didn’t hold her clothes up but secured her Godslayer sword. Since this costume did not cover her arms and legs, Gamora now had to wear matching thigh-high boots and gloves. To keep her warm in the coldness of space, she often donned a dark green cloak. She began wearing a thin green headband, that made the whole outfit look like something found in a Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game.


Zoe Saldana took on the role of Gamora in the 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy movie. She requested to use makeup, instead of CGI, to create the green-skinned Gamora, because she wanted to make sure it was her performing as the character and not a computer. The film kept Gamora as the adopted daughter of Thanos but removed her Adam Warlock and Infinity Watch background.

Gamora Space Suit
Gamora Space Suit

Space Warrior

Marvel NOW had Gamora wearing something more appropriate for space combat. It resembles a feminized Star Wars Stormtrooper's armor. This futuristic space costume consisted of a black bodysuit covered in hard white plates. For the first time, Gamora would be fully covered. Gamora now looked more like a futuristic space warrior, than a character from a fantasy role-playing game.

Gamora Halloween Costumes
Gamora Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

The 2014 summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy movie created a high demand for mass-market Gamora Halloween costume.

Cosplay Attire

Fans of Gamora have been making their own costumes of the comic book character long before she was popularized in movies.

Gamora Cosplay Costume
Gamora Cosplay Costume | Source
Alternate Gamora Cosplay Costumes
Alternate Gamora Cosplay Costumes | Source


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      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        5 years ago

        The movie was amazing. It is what had me move Gamora up on my costume history list.

        Glad you enjoyed learning about her comic book origins.

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        Andrew Smith 

        5 years ago from Richmond, VA

        I enjoyed reading about her origins, and I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy. Awesome movie!


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