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7 Recommended Fantasy Books for Your Reading List

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Fantasy is one of the best genres out there. It's limitless, exciting, and some stories can stay with you forever.

We've all heard of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but there is a goldmine of incredible fantasy books out there that are still relatively unknown. Unfortunately, it is impossible for all of them to get the attention they deserve. I compiled this list of seven awesome fantasy books that I've read and loved, and I want to share with you. Take a look!

7 Underrated Fantasy Novels

  1. The Assassin's Remorse by J.M.D. Reid
  2. Dauntless by Thomas G. Atwood Jr.
  3. Angst by David Pedersen
  4. Dragon's Treasure by Maya Starling
  5. Tears of Blood (The Veronian Archives Book 1) by Daniel Welch
  6. The Bone Flower Throne by TL Morganfield
  7. Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson and J.C. Boyd

1. The Assassin's Remorse by J.M.D. Reid

The Assassin's Remorse is a short, dark story telling the tale of an assassin sent to kill a young woman. After her death, he is plagued by guilt and the memory of her last words.

I really loved the quick read that is The Assassin's Remorse. The writer created a new world with an entirely new religion based on colours, and I got attached to the characters in a relatively short space of time. I first came across the book on Twitter and it led me to check out more of J.M.D. Reid's work.

At less than a dollar for the ebook, it's well worth your time for a quick read and a teaser into the vibrant world he created.

2. Dauntless by Thomas G. Atwood Jr.

Kacey is an eighteen-year-old girl whose whole life is changed when she finds her late mother's belongings describing the world, and her daughter, as full of magic and monsters. Kacey goes forth to discover powers she never knew she had and learns to forgive herself for mistakes past. As well as an urban fantasy adventure, there were some philosophical aspects I really enjoyed, such as how humans see each other and how fear and corruption can, and has, destroyed society.

I really enjoyed this urban fantasy. Atwood has a fast-paced writing style, and the book is written with heart. At times, I was completely absorbed into the descriptions. The dialogue is fantastic; at times, I was laughing aloud at Kacey's cockiness and the way she interacts with other characters. Urban fantasy is usually not my thing, but I enjoyed this book in the three days it took me to read it. I recommend this to people who enjoy light-hearted comedy sprinkled on an exciting adventure that will be difficult to forget. The sequel is also on its way!

3. Angst by David Pedersen

Angst tells the story of a 40-year-old man on the brink of a midlife crisis. He is one of the few able to wield magic, but since the land fears magical powers, he's only permitted to use it to file papers. His dream of becoming a noble knight getting further and further away, Angst jumps at the chance to help the land once his magic abilities—and a big-ass sword—are needed.

What makes Angst special is the humour. I love Pedersen's characters and the banter, and how well-developed his characters are. There are also more books continuing the series. Go check them out!

4. Dragon's Treasure by Maya Starling

In Dragon's Treasure, a girl called Olivia runs from home after her father attempts to make her marry someone against her will. She stumbles upon a dragon's cave, and instead of the beast killing and eating her, he doesn't attack. Their relationship grows, and she finds herself not wanting to return home.

Dragon's Treasure was a twist on the old maiden/knights/dragon fairytale story. It was written with heart, and I really enjoyed the relationship between the characters. Check this out if you love heartwarming tales. The sequel, Dragon's Prize, was released in spring 2017.

5. Tears of Blood (The Veronian Archives Book 1) by Daniel Welch

The world is plagued by war and famine, but in the Kingdom of Veronia, life is cheap. Leo Rosewood, a soldier nicknamed The Bloody Rose because of his skill and mercilessness in battle, defies the king in order to save his city from invasion.

Tears of Blood is, to date, one of the best fantasy books I've ever read. A blend of historical, medieval and dark fantasy, Welch delivered a fantastic read. I loved his characters, especially Leo, the battle scenes were bloodthirsty, and I was hooked from beginning to end. This story is recommended for mature audiences due to sexual and graphic content. Pick it up if you love dark fantasy.

My Brother's Keeper, the sequel to Tears of Blood, was released in January 2017.

6. The Bone Flower Throne by TL Morganfield

The Bone Flower Throne portrays the story of Aztec princess Quetzalpetlatl, who is forced to flee her kingdom after her uncle kills the king in the name of the dark god, the Smoking Mirror. We learn about Aztec lore and history, as well as being introduced to a terrific book.

I saw this book on Twitter and was immediately drawn to the cover. I didn't know anything about it when I started reading, but was sucked into it from the first sentence. I can't emphasise how impressed I was with this series. The writing style flows from the page, the detail in Aztec culture and customs were portrayed effortlessly, and I was completely taken with the characters and the story.

I was really surprised to find that TL Morganfield only has a handful of followers on Twitter. Do check out The Bone Flower Throne and the sequels, The Bone Flower Queen and The Bone Flower Goddess.

7. Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson and J.C. Boyd

Anaerfell tells the tale of two brothers, Drast and Tyran, different yet alike. Their tyrannous father forces his sons to carry out his will for his own bloodthirsty, selfish gain. This includes war, torture and murder.

I really loved this book and was introduced to Joshua Robertson's work. The magic in the book drains the life of those who wield it—an original take on magic that stuck with me. I also really loved the characters, especially Tyran, who is stoic and cold but secretly longs for affection. Check out more of Robertson's work on his website.

Give Them a Read!

Supporting indie authors and checking out books that aren't "conventionally" popular is a great thing for a reader to do. If any of these books interested you, then that's great! Which one seems the most interesting to you? Better yet, have you already read any of them?

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on February 07, 2018:

They are beautifully written. Please read them!

Ria Bridges from New Brunswick on February 07, 2018:

I hear TL Morganfield's books are amazing! I have the first 2 Bone Flower books, but I haven't read them yet.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on November 14, 2017:

Thanks, Hannah! :)

Hannah on November 14, 2017:

I absolutely love this article. Well done Poppy!