Jean Grey Costume History

Updated on October 29, 2019
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Jean Grey Costume History.  Marvel Girl, Dark Phoenix or Jean Grey?
Jean Grey Costume History. Marvel Girl, Dark Phoenix or Jean Grey? | Source

In 1963, she made her debut as an original member in X-Men #1. As the only female member of the team, she would go by the code name Marvel Girl. Throughout her long career, she would be called Jean Grey, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, and the Black Queen. Her abilities would also evolve over the years. At first she only had the power of telekinesis, but she would later develop the ability of telepathy. Jean Grey is a hero and vital member of the X-Men (and X-Factor for a while), but when she was possessed by the power of the Phoenix, she was driven mad and became one of Marvel Comic’s greatest villains. It is only appropriate that a woman who has undergone so many drastic changes would also update her costume from time to time.

Original Jean Grey / Marvel Girl Costume
Original Jean Grey / Marvel Girl Costume
Updated Jean Grey Mask
Updated Jean Grey Mask


Her mask did a great job in completely covering her face and identity with the exception of her long red hair. It also made her look like she was going to rob a convenience store rather than fight supervillains. It did match her black or blue bodysuit, which changes color depending on the ink at the presses. These solid color tights were covered over with a yellow one piece. Besides adding layers of color, it also made her appear ready for an 80s workout video. Sticking with the color scheme, she also donned yellow boots, a yellow belt with an X on the buckle, and yellow dish washing gloves.

Her original costume was not flattering, maybe because she was in a group of all boys or just a victim to the times. This outfit did not last long and she quickly upgraded to a new style.

Small changes can make a big difference. By putting the yellow coloring on the tights and removing the outer one piece, they were able to slim down the costume and make Marvel Girl appear more feminine. They also switched out her fuller face mask with a triangular one, allowing for more individuality.

Classic Jean Grey Costume
Classic Jean Grey Costume | Source

The Classic

This is the costume that comes to mind when people think of Jean Grey’s classic look. The yellow mask, gloves, and boots from the original costume would stay but the clothing is completely redrawn. They moved away from the form fitting, superhero spandex and gave her a more flattering and feminine green dress. The dress was a one piece but she still wore a belt. The color of the belt would change; it was usually yellow or red but the buckle would always have an X in the center. The dress itself was solid green with a basic design. How low cut and how much shoulder she showed would vary from artist to artist, as would the length of the dress. This costume would stick around for a long time.

Gold and Blue Jean Grey Costume, Jim Lee
Gold and Blue Jean Grey Costume, Jim Lee

X-Men Gold Team

In the 90s, the X-Men split into two teams, Blue and Gold. This was before House of M and there were a lot more mutants running around the Marvel Universe. Plus, X-Men comic book popularity was at an all time high and they were flooding the market with X titles. (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, X-Man, Generation X, and don’t forget about Wolverine, Cable, and so many other single character mutant titles.)

Back to Jean Grey’s Gold Team uniform. This is another one of Jean Grey’s more popular costumes. With Jim Lee being the major artist at the time, this should come as no surprise to comic fans. Sticking with the form-fitting outfit, the design gets a major overhaul. It gives the appearance of wearing body armor but is obviously not since we can see every curve and muscle in her body. This outfit is probably more revealing than her low cut green dress. Rather than have yellow (sometimes orange) be the highlight color, it is now the base. The rest of her outfit is blue, with the exception of a red belt buckle with a prominent X in the center. Rather than wearing gloves, she has blue arm shields and her hood only covers her forehead, leaving her face fully exposed. By this time in the story, she doesn’t have a secret identity and no longer needs to hide her appearance or fingerprints.

Jean Grey New X-Men costume
Jean Grey New X-Men costume

New X-Men

Her newest outfit doesn’t look like a comic book costume at all. It feels like they were going for something similar to the Bryan Singer X-Men movies. She is dressed in all black and the clothing itself could be worn when walking around town. The large X is prominently displayed on her chest and belt buckle because it is important for people to know what team you are on.


In 1986, X-Factor was formed because Professor X put Magneto in charge of the X-Men and the founding members wanted nothing to do with their former enemy. It was not to realize their dreams of becoming the next big music star. They formed their own group and fought the good fight. Oh, and Jean Grey was not part of the X-Men because she had been dead for a while. Don’t worry, she dies a lot.

During her time with X-factor, Jean Grey went through three different costumes. None of these costumes really stood out or up against the test of time. For as popular as Jean Grey is, she has had a lot of terrible outfits over the years. I guess she does not have the best fashion sense.

The first costume she wore was a full body green spandex suit with a big yellow X placed over the upper half. The yellow boots and gloves are still present but at least this time the gloves are form fitting and not hanging all over the place ready to get snagged on something. Apparently she did not learn from her first costume because the full robber’s mask is back and uglier than ever now that it is green.

Her second X-Factor costume is a big improvement. It is still a full body spandex suit but the dominant color is now red, which pops off the page a lot better than dark green. Rather than having a yellow X tossed onto her top looking like she has a parachute strapped on, the X now flows along her arms and down her legs. This gives a much more fluid look and is not as jarring. The mask still covers most of her face but it is more stylized and looks more appropriate for fighting crime rather than skiing. However, because of her history, Jean Grey should avoid wearing red.

Her third X-Factor outfit keeps with the superhero spandex look, but the colors are more inline with her first costume or X-Men Gold Team uniform. She has the dark blue base covered in the yellow X that still travels down her arms and legs, but this time it is a lot more prominent. Yellow is the dominant color in this outfit. The mask is gone and instead it only covers her forehead and acts like a hair band. Which is good since she has always had long flowing hair.

Jean Grey X-Factor Costumes
Jean Grey X-Factor Costumes

Phoenix/Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is the opposite of the Hulk. When Bruce Banner turns green, look out. With Jean, green is usually your safer color. Let’s not get into white. The difference between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix’s costumes is color and the size of the bird on her chest. Phoenix’s green costume has a small gold phoenix at top while Dark Phoenix’s outfit is red and the gold phoenix covers her entire upper half. Both costumes have gold arm length gloves and thigh high boots. With the exception of the gold hip sash flowing in the wind, their costumes are so tight they might as well have body paint covering them instead of fabric. With all that said, it is probably best not to critique a woman who has the power to destroy a solar system.

Jean Grey Phoenix / Dark Phoenix Costumes
Jean Grey Phoenix / Dark Phoenix Costumes
Jean Grey Black Queen Costume
Jean Grey Black Queen Costume

Black Queen

When Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix, she gets herself into a lot of trouble. She declared herself the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club and with it took on a new costume. Obviously there are similarities to the White Queen’s costume, or as she is better known today, Emma Frost. There really is not a lot to say about this outfit except, “Wow! They put this in a comic book?”

Real Life


Jamke Janssen played Jean Grey in all three of the X-Men films from 2000 to 2006. She was able to hold her own while working with actors like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry. Through the course of the films, she was able to develop the characters arc from being an insecure student to the Dark Phoenix.

Jamke Janssen as Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix
Jamke Janssen as Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix

Halloween Costumes

Jean Grey may not be as popular of a costume as other comic book women, but fans can still find an assortment of her outfits.

Jean Grey Halloween Costumes
Jean Grey Halloween Costumes | Source


Models are always bringing her character to life.

Cosplay Jean Grey Costumes
Cosplay Jean Grey Costumes

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        Izabella c 

        2 years ago

        My favorite jean grey outfit is the dark phoenix.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        in the Models section of the gallery, the second photo is of someone cosplaying Rachel Grey, not Jean.

      • profile image

        Eddie Lo 

        4 years ago

        Surpised you didn't mention the "X Men Animated Series" Jean Grey costume; part of which makes it look like shes naked but really just skin-colored. So weird considering the majority of those watching that show at the time were children 5-10 years old. Thats how badass the Stan Lee is, I feel like hes the Hugh Hefner of the super hero world.

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        4 years ago

        It is always hard to beat the originals.

      • Mike Nolan profile image

        Michael Nolan 

        4 years ago from Sarasota, FL

        I prefer the green mini skirt version. That's what I think of when I think of Marvel Girl

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        5 years ago

        Thank You for filling in the missing gaps. I will have to research these costumes and update the article.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        There are a few costumes missing here. She had a blue and white xfactor/xterminators costume that they used early on in xfactor, she has the white phoenix costume, her age of apocolyps costume, and there was also another phoenix costume that she had, it was red and gold, the gold bird was kinda metallic and it almost looked like a toga.

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        5 years ago

        Thank you for letting me know. I always want to give appropriate credit for the costumes and pictures used. The correction has been made.

        So you are aware,

        This image was all over the internet when I wrote the article and there was no watermark on it. (Hubpages does not allow water marks, so I only used images without). I thought this was a mass produced costume, because of its prevalent use. You may want to do a quick Google image search to see where else your costume is being used without the watermark. It has been over a year, so you may have already found it.

      • profile image


        5 years ago


        You are using my photo of my green Jean Grey costume under your Halloween costume section, with my watermark chopped off. Please either use a version with my watermark, give a link back to the source (, or remove it. Thanks.

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        7 years ago

        I think Jim Lee did a great job with establishing some of the best costumes for most of the X-Men. Thanks for commenting.

      • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


        7 years ago

        The Ultimate Universe look is a little lame and the Black Queen really shouldn't be in a comic approved by the comic code authority. Thanks for the reading and Awesome vote!

      • Suraph profile image


        7 years ago

        My favorite is her Gold team era outfit (blue/yellow with the attached headband), though that might be because it was the one she wore when I started reading comics. Her Phoenix (Green/Gold) is also a classic.

      • Tonyx35 profile image

        J Antonio Marcelino 

        7 years ago from Illinois, USA

        My favorite Jean Grey outfit is the Phoenix (Green and Gold), followed by the team uniform she wore in the X-Men: Evolution animated series.

        Least favorites are the Black Queen and the Ultimate Universe Jean Grey outfits. +1 Awesome.


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