10 Manga Series Like "Skip Beat!"

Updated on July 20, 2017
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Skip Beat! follows Kyoko Mogami’s quest for revenge! And the stage to exact her revenge is the stage of showbiz because the entertainment industry has a lot to do with her quandary.

You see, Kyoko served and supported her boyfriend in his efforts to become a famous idol. But once he achieved his goal, he dumped Kyoko and left her hanging. Because of her ex-boyfriend's betrayal, an enraged Kyoko has become determined to be more famous and successful than him. She’s vowed to become the most popular idol to put her scornful ex in his place. But in order to achieve that, Kyoko has to learn the ropes of being a decent idol.

What makes this series good is that it lets you experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions. When it’s time to laugh, you will laugh. When there’s a sad moment, you will cry. When there’s romance in the air, you fall in love right along with the characters. And when Kyoko gets angry, you feel mad as well. These are the reasons why this manga is worth reading again and again.

However, reading the same series repeatedly can get boring, so instead of revisiting Skip Beat!, why not read something else? There are plenty of titles that are similar to Skip Beat! and you won’t regret reading them. Here are ten manga series that are similar and equally as interesting.

Manga Similar to "Skip Beat!"

1. Last Game
2. The One
3. Cat Street
4. Absolute Boyfriend
5. Tokyo Crazy Paradise
6. Honey Hunt
7. Dengeki Daisy
8. Seiyuu ka!
9. Uwasa no Midori-kun!!
10. Glass no Kamen

1. Last Game

Last Game
Last Game | Source

The Story: Naoto Yanagi is a young man who practically has everything. He's good-looking, wealthy, and athletically-talented. Naoto is very privileged, but then, a girl who comes from a family with low financial status barges into his world and out-performs him. She’s super smart and super talented, much to Naoto’s distress. And so, Naoto formulates a plan to make her for fall for him so that he can break her heart out of spite. Nevertheless, Naoto discovers something surprising—he’s the one who’s starting to fall for her!

The Similarity: Last Game is undeniably a romance manga, but mind you, it’s way more like “Skip Beat!” than any of the other manga on this list. The central goal of trying to become the best while surpassing a rival is ever-present in Last Game, just like it is present in Skip Beat! This manga doesn’t fall short on comedy and drama. It's a successfully engaging story that any reader can easily get swept up in.

2. The One

The One
The One | Source

The Story: “The One” follows the story of Cane Lele—a girl who hates the fashion industry despite being born into a fashion-loving family. As to why Lele hates the fashion industry so much, it’s because both her parents died unceremoniously in the line of their work. But because fashion runs in Lele’s blood, there is just no escape for her. Along with the presence of fashion and the tragic loss of her parents, there’s another wrench thrown into all of Lele’s current complexities in life—love.

The Similarity: If Skip Beat! is about acting, then The One is about modelling. Yup, both paths are not so different from one another. And because they’re both centered in the entertainment industry, drama will be a natural part of the plot. These stories will pull out all the stops just to entertain readers. The drama, the teensy bits of humor, and the romance are all well-written and you’ll find all of these things in both series.

3. Cat Street

Cat Street
Cat Street | Source

The Story: Keito Aoyama was a child prodigy. And the career she had when she was still in the limelight was none other than—acting! However, an unfortunate incident forced her to retire early. Years later, Keito has aged into a bored, directionless sixteen year old. A new opportunity arises and due to the help of a stranger, she is lead to a free school for high school students like her. A new door of opportunity opens up and it’s up to Keito to decide whether to grasp it or not.

The Similarity: If there’s a point in this series that closely resembles Skip Beat!, it would be the point where Cat Street expresses that being trapped in the past is pointless. What matters is the present as well as the future. Just like in Skip Beat! this manga is about being a star—an actress to be exact. And being a star isn’t actually easy! It requires strength, endurance, and the will to surpass all difficulties and emotional hiccups along the way.

4. Absoute Boyfriend

Absoute Boyfriend
Absoute Boyfriend | Source

The Story: Riiko Izawa is about to experience the greatest moment of her life. Throughout her life she's been continually rejected by unattainable guys, but the days of consistent rejection are finally coming to an end after one momentous, life-changing event —the delivery of a nightly lover robot! A nearly-perfect, naked guy is delivered right to Riiko’s front door. This is it for Riiko. It’s do or die. The perfect chance for real love has finally come.

The Similarity: This series is definitely a one-of-a-kind romance manga. It’ll basically leave you stupefied and enchanted. The characters? You’ll like them! The story? Very concise and straight to the point. The drama? It’ll surely touch your soul and play with your emotions. And the romance? Hold onto your heart because this series might make it pound so hard it could jump out of your chest.

5. Tokyo Crazy Paradise

Tokyo Crazy Paradise
Tokyo Crazy Paradise | Source

The Story: Being born in an age where crime rates are ridiculously high and crimes against women are only second to manslaughter makes Tsukasa one unlucky girl. That is why, she was raised as a man by her police officer parents. Unfortunately for Tsukasa, her parents died while on-duty. And so, the weight of surviving in a dangerous world and raising her siblings has come to settle on her shoulders. Her dream was to become a police officer. However, what she turned out to be is quite different. In order to survive, she has become the bodyguard of her classmate Ryuuji—the leader of the Yakuza.

The Similarity: It’s likely that you already know the reason why Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Skip Beat! are so alike. And that is, the fact that both were created by the same author. Both series feature the same art style and have similar story development. The plots are quite different, but nevertheless, the feels and the vibes are reverberating with similitude all throughout.

6. Honey Hunt

Honey Hunt
Honey Hunt | Source

The Story:Yura is a high school girl who’s living a life full of upsetting circumstances. Her father and mother, a famous musician and actress respectively, are going through a divorce! Her mother doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. And as if that wasn’t enough, Yura also catches her mother having an affair with the neighbor, who happens to be her friend and first love. Woah, such a storm of complexities! But Yura has a plan, and it’s none other than to bring her mother down by being a greater actress than her.

The Similarity: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”— this is a perfect quote for both Skip Beat! and Honey Hunt. They’re both great stories of revenge. And it’s not just that. They both focus on characters who are using the entertainment industry to exact vengeance. More specifically, the main characters are trying to climb the heights of acting to bring down the ones they despise.

7. Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy | Source

The Story: After the untimely death of her brother, Teru Kurebayashi was left all alone and sad. However,Teru's brother bequeathed a phone with a mysterious contact named Daisy to his sister. In Daisy,Teru now has a friend she can talk to and someone to keep her company, albeit only through the phone. Then one day, Teru fatefully meets a rude janitor who she ends up working with. The trio of Teru, Daisy, and the janitor form an unexpected bond—there seems to be more to these three people than meets the eye.

The Similarity: If there’s a big similarity between Dengeki Daisy and Skip Beat!, it would be the main heroines. Their personalities and outlook are pretty much one and the same. Although the plots are not very similar, there’s still a balanced combination of romance, humor, and drama in both stories. There’s also no need to overthink the plot or character trajectories. Just dive in, read, and enjoy!

8. Seiyuu ka!

Seiyuu ka!
Seiyuu ka! | Source

The Story: Hime Kino’s dream is to become a successful voice actress. Just like Lovely Blazers’ voice actress—Sakura Aoyama—Hime wants to become the best. And so, her dream begins to unfold the very moment she steps into Hiiragi Academy. With some hiccups here and there, Hime’s unwavering spirit enables her to push through all the obstacles. There’s only one thing that needs to be done once she's overcome the obstacles and that is getting to the top!

The Similarity: While Skip Beat! focuses on acting and becoming an idol, “Seiyuu ka!” focuses on voice acting. While it's not entirely the same, voice acting is not that different at all from acting. In this story, you’ll follow the main character as she starts from the beginning and tries to reach her voice acting goals. This series is all about struggling to achieve a goal and being determined, because with unwavering fortitude comes success!

9. Uwasa no Midori-kun!!

Uwasa no Midori-kun!!
Uwasa no Midori-kun!! | Source

The Story: This is the story of Midori Yamate and her attempts to exact vengeance using the sport she loves—soccer! How did she come to love soccer? Well, a boy named Tsukasa Hino taught her how to play. But then, that boy did something really mean to her. Thus, Midori strives for revenge. She’ll do anything to exact it—including enrolling in an all-boys school just to crush Tsukasa.

The Similarity: This is another story of revenge. I’m sure you’ve read the summary and observed that vengeance is a similar plot point in both Uwasa no Midori-kun and Skit Beat! This story has a similar plot to Skip Beat!, but it is undertaken with different elements. This story's main character focuses on soccer instead of acting. However, both stories include elements of romance! As for the other interesting similarities and differences, you’ll have to find out for yourself as you read.

10. Glass no Kamen

Glass no Kamen
Glass no Kamen | Source

The Story: At the core of Kitajima Maya’s existence is her overwhelming talent for acting. As a matter of fact, she is considered to be one of the few who is worthy of the role of the Crimson Goddess. But, nothing is as simple as it seems. Difficulties and hardships await Maya in her career. And it’s not just in the realm of acting where she will face challenges. Maya will also face intricate hitches in her love life.

The Similarity: Here we go with the world of acting again! Yes, that’s right. As you can see, the center-stage for Glass no Kamen is the stage of acting. The heroine in this manga wants to be a great actress—one that is unlike any other. And she will do everything she possibly can to achieve her goal. There’s also romance and drama blooming on the horizon. It's not just love-life drama and real-life drama, but also showbiz drama!

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