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Updated on August 16, 2016

Absolute Boyfriend is a short manga series, only 6 volumes, that was never made into an anime. It has, however, spawned a live-action series in Japan, as well as a Taiwanese live-action series called Absolute Darling.

Always look at all these romance anime where it's an average, unlucky guy who can't get laid and suddenly his luck turns around in that department? This is basically the gender reverse of that. What we have is a bland female protagonist, insecure about her small boob size, afraid that she'll never attract her dream man.

She stumbles onto a website where you can build and order a "dream man", and does it, thinking it's a game. So is she surprised when Mr. Perfect shows up in a box! He's basically a life-like doll android. Nosebleed!

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Absolute Boyfriend  
Yuu Watase
Shogakukan (Japanese) Viz Media (North American)

So, yeah. What follows is basically a straightforward, typical love triangle plot. I only read the first volume, but I wasn't too interested. Basically, I guess that it's okay if you're "into that", but it just didn't seem like the kind of story I normally like, it just seemed like another one of these "everyday loser scores hot consort(s)" stories that are just wish fulfillment for the audience more than anything else. And that's fine if you like that kind of thing, but I don't find it compelling as a narrative form.

I'm also not sure I sympathized with Riiko, the main protagonist's, motivation. She's only high-school age, but already fears being alone forever. If this were the real world, I would sit down and have a big-sisterly chat with her about how she doesn't have to be in such a rush to find a boyfriend, and how that isn't the only thing there is in life. My opinion is that nobody should have their self-concept revolve around the sex they're attracted to.

Basically, it's a Pygmalion plot where a boring girl creates a shiny bishounen boy, who is just as boring as she herself. And then she has to figure out how to pay for him. It might register as cute or romantic to some people, but to me it just seemed weird and pathetic. Although Absolute Boyfriend might appeal to girls who feel lonely like the protagonist, I have to say that if you're not in that exact mindset, this story is just bland and lifeless.

Rating For Absolute Boyfriend: 2/10

Maybe the Live Action Drama is Good?


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