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Four of My Go-To Paranormal Romance Authors

Mary is a young writer who has been reading romance novels since she was very young and aspires to some day write one of her own.

For a paranormal romance fix or a bit of creative inspiration, these are the authors whose books I always have close.

For a paranormal romance fix or a bit of creative inspiration, these are the authors whose books I always have close.

Because I was a stubborn junior high student who didn't like the books school provided, I turned to my mom, who in my eyes, was the book queen. She would always share with me these little snippets that had her laughing out loud. These were romance novels, to my utter shock, and that is what led us to through the process of her reading me the snippets, to full books, and then finally, to me reading the grace of the words on the page with my own eyes. These are the authors I have, since then, been glued to whenever I need some inspiration—like an example of tasteful dialogue or a means of escape for but a little while.


1. Katie MacAlister

The first romance novel I ever picked up was a book by Katie was called Sex, Lies, And Vampires. Let me just say, this was way more riveting than any tween books I had been subjected to in my daily study. From then, a love for her stories, characters, and writing style was nurtured in me, and I was always searching for more. What captivated me was the way she expressed the complexities in each character and the humanity that they possessed and didn't possess. It brings a new level of realism to reading a romance novel, from the humorous moments to the tense ones.

Katie writes not only paranormal romance but historical and contemporary fiction and non-fiction as well. She also has two pseudonyms she writes under: Katie Maxwell for her young adult novels and Kate Marsh for her mystery novels. My personal favorite series of hers is the Aisling Grey, Guardian series and the Dark One series. Check out more of her work on her website.

2. Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn was the second fixation that my young, hungry, developing-writer's mind couldn't get enough of. She has the mark of the greats: humor, an intriguing plot, and characters that pull you in, but what stands out most is the sheer vulnerability and sincerity within each character that the reader has themselves relating to, despite the fact that most of the characters are vampires. The novel that captured me and stands to be my favorite one of hers today is "Vamps and the City" from her Love at Steak series.

She has a total 17 books in her Love at Steak series, is a USA Today bestselling author, and her fourth book in the same series got her onto the New York Time's Best Seller list.


3. Lynsay Sands

A Canadian author, Lynsay was a straight fall into fan love for me. The book that captured me was Bite Me If You Can from her Argeneau and Rogue Hunter series, the series I am currently working on...again. If there is one author that embodies snarky humor that stands out all on its own, it has to be Sands. However, she also brings a different concept to the idea of vampires that is, in all truth, exceedingly refreshing, along with a delightfully intense twist of mystery to keep the readers on their toes.

Lynsay has written a little over 50 books. This Ontario born author writes paranormals as well as historical romance. Her novels have made it on many bestseller lists including that of the New York Times.

4. Sherrilyn Kenyon

One of the most well-known authors around the world, I stumbled upon a book Sherri wrote whilst my mom was looking through her collection. Her book, Fantasy Lover, had me quickly realizing that she is not your average author. In her Dark-Hunter universe, she has tackled stories of the gods, literally.

The way she writes to portray these gods can only be described as a reflection of the truthful sting of reality, and that reality does to her characters what would do to any real person: builds them up to what they are presently in the story. Every character has a meaningful background that ties in strategically with the over all plot. This can be both enamoring and devastating to the reader when the harsher realities strike in her books, because, just like in the real world, no one is spared from the possibility of a fatal ending.

Sherri has countless books and short stories within her Dark-Hunter universe. She also writes paranormal and non-paranormal historical novels under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor. She has literally been published since before I was born!!!


Their Impact

All four of these authors have not only represented the Paranormal Romance genre in a wonderful way but also inspired me to be a writer myself. They are what first ignited the love I have for the written word and have brought my hopes, to one day weave worlds for others to be inspired by, to life. I hope you can also add these authors to your collection of fruitful reads and inspiring works. Overall, it is wise to remember that there is always more to every story, paranormal romance or otherwise, but a proper story always has a way to bring forth creativity, imagination, and inspiration in the reader; so, always be inspired.