The Dream Quest of Vellit Boe: A Journey of Rediscovery in the Dream World

Updated on August 11, 2017

The Dream Quest of Vellit Boe by Kij Johnson

It has been a long time since I read a good fantasy. I mean an original fantasy that is something different with charm. I’m tired of reading books that are just ripping off other books. So one night, I went online and just searched and searched. I soon stumbled across this odd book called The Dream Quest of Vellit Boe By Kij Johnson.

What is the book about? The book starts at a college in the dream world Vellit Boe finds that a student has ran off with a dreamer boy from the real world. Its not unheard of, but the girl is a daughter of a very rich man, as well as the granddaughter of a dream world god. It will only mean death and destruction if she doesn’t come back home. But Vellit used to be an explorer and adventurer. Though she is older and well into her fifties, she puts her hiking boots back on to retrieve the girl. The book then follows Vellit through her adventures through the dream world and then into the waking world.

The good? Well, this is a very different book. I want to say its original, but the author credits HP Lovecraft, as this is a more feminine re imagining of one of his stories. Her words. Not mine. I never read that story, so I can’t say how far it strays from the original. So I’ll say it’s very different than other books out there. The writing is nice carrying this very heavy Neil Gaimen vibe. And the story is very interesting and unique. I loved reading about Vellit’s personal journey of rediscovery about who she used to be. I thought it was a great story arc.

The bad? Detail. I thought it was lacking. Though the environments were fair, details about the monsters were poor. Action scenes were alright, but not that well done. It was hard to follow at times.

Overall, despite the flaws, I feel the core character's arc is what holds this story together. The world, the story, and the main character gives it such a unique flavor. It's worth checking out. Its a memorable tale.

Overall Rating: A Journey of Rediscovery in the Dream World.

3 ½ Smoothies out of Four

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