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Top 10 Strongest Mandalorians of All Time


How Was the Top 10 Strongest Mandalorians of All Time List Made?

One of the things I must do is explain to you how this whole list was made and what I did to sort out the rank for each of these characters.

On my Jedi and Sith lists, I considered Force Powers, Force Knowledge, Lightsaber dueling skills, and whatnot.

Well, it's different when we're talking about Mandalorians.

To make this list, I considered their ability in battle, their battle IQ, their influence, and their impact on the galaxy.

Of course, I know these lists can be very subjective, but I tried my best to sort out these characters. I hope you enjoy this list.


10. Fenn Rau: The Mandalorian Ace, Skull Squadron Leader

Fenn Rau was known as the leader of the Skull Squadron, and he fought beside the Republic and the Jedi Order during the troubled times surrounding the Clone Wars.

In most of the pivotal battles of the war, Fenn Rau was present and served with distinction.

He was a beast and nearly unrivaled when fighting unarmed, but the best thing about him was his skill in piloting.

He was also a great teacher, forming new pilots for the Republic and teaching many of the Republic's finest.


9. Paz Vizsla: Pinning the Enemy Down

Paz Vizsla was a behemoth of a Mandalorian who terrified the enemy with his expert use of both his blaster cannon and modified flamethrower.

These weapons were great at pinning down multiple enemies, so he is known for pressuring the enemy during battles.

He was a very accurate marksman and fought without thinking to defend the Mandalorian ideals—being fearless and honor-bound to always do the right thing even facing insurmountable odds.


8. Gar Saxon: The Maul of the Mandalorians

With his iconic black and red armor with horns, you can probably see who he served.

That's right, Gar Saxon was the commander of the Super Commando squad serving Darth Maul, and he ensured people saw their likeness when they looked at both of them.

Gar was known to be fierce in battle, and he wouldn't shy away from battling lightsaber wielders either, showing true courage and an amazing degree of skill using traditional weaponry.

Someone we definitely had to insert into this list.


7. Pre Vizsla: The Noble Darksaber Wielder

Pre Vizsla wasn't happy with how deep the Mandalorians fell out of grace. He wanted to restore his people, his world, and overall their reputation in the Galaxy.

He was from house Vizsla, a noble house of famed Mandalorians, and he wanted to honor his family name as well.

He was the wielder of the reputed ancient Mythic lightsaber, the Dark Saber, and he held his own against some of the Star Wars greatest fighters, like Darth Maul and Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi.


6. Bo-Katan Kryze: Character Development Queen

Bo-Katan Kryze was one of the Mandalorian women with the most character development, and she started out by serving a terrorist group, so you know she didn't have a Mary Sue beginning.

However, she redeemed herself and saw the light, eventually working to take down Darth Maul and his group of Super Commandos.

She became a leader and even stars in Disney's The Mandalorian.

You also know her sister, Duchess Satine, Obi-Wan Kenobi's love interest.


5. Shae Vizla: The Mandalore Storming the Jedi Temple

Shae Vizla was the Mandalorian woman storming the Jedi Temple among the Sith Lords and the empire forces led by Darth Malgus.

She was also the Mandalore, leading her people and having a great impact on the unfolding of the Star Wars lore and Galactic History.

A great fighter, she often battled lightsaber wielders and Force Sensitives, as well as powerful Mandalorian mercenaries, bounty hunters, and challengers of her title.

She was definitely a force to be reckoned with.


4. Tarre Vizsla: The First

Who knows if Tarre Vizsla deserves first place in the "Top 10 Strongest Mandalorians of All Time."

The truth is that not much is known about him.

He was the first Mandalore who was also accepted into the Jedi Order, so you know he was definitely powerful.

On the other hand, the Darksaber Mythic weapon, a unique dark lightsaber passed from generation to generation, was developed, built, and wielded by him.

So, he was a Mandalore, he created the Darksaber, and he was a Jedi . . . unfortunately, not much else is known about him, so who knows if he deserved to be higher.


3. Din Djarin: The Mando Who Ressurected Star Wars

The Mandalorian is a TV series that brought the love back to Star Wars after the fiasco that was the Star Wars trilogy made by Disney.

Not only did Din Djarin become one of the most popular Mandalorians of all time, but he also made new fans keen on finding out more about his race.

He holds his own in a fight pretty well and is known to be a fierce combatant.

Most of you reading this article saw the series and know some of the source material, so there's not much to be argued here—I can see him be ranked lower, but I can't see him be ranked higher.

Of course, these fiction lists are always subjective and highly debatable, so these top spots are always going to give me some flack.


2. Jango Fett and Boba Fett: The Original and His Chosen Clone

Jango Fett was, according to many, the greatest fighter alive during the time of the Prequels.

Of course, he wouldn't hold up against the strongest of the Jedi as he wasn't Force Sensitive, but if he were, he'd be unstoppable.

Having said that, he was the man who gave the Republic a fighting chance thanks to the army of his clones, and his clones also were the ones genociding the Jedi in the end.

Boba Fett was his chosen clone, who he adopted, and we all know him from the original trilogy, as he became one of the fan-favorite characters even having just one or two lines and always standing in the background.

To many, he is the best Mandalorian out there.

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1. Te Ani'la Mand'alor: Mandalore the Ultimate

This is hands down the strongest, most powerful Mandalorian of all time.

Mandalore the Ultimate was legendary, and he was the Mandalore who united all of his culture and the remains of his nearly extinct species, the Taung.

Mandalore the Ultimate was one of the last Taung to have the reigns over his people, and he was single-handedly responsible for the survival of the ways of the Mando and their rich cultural heritage.

From a position of weakness and vastly outnumbered, he united his people and led them in a glorious invasion of the Republic, which was almost successful until he met Revan, who killed him in an epic duel.

The ultimate legend of his people and a whole species' last cry at glory, my respect goes out to his mettle and warrior's heart.


The Mandalorian Were a Species: The Original Mando, the Taung

This is how an original Mandalorian looks like.

They were a species known as Taung, and they were nearly extinct in the time of the Old Republic.

As we said earlier, they went extinct shortly after their last glorious invasion of the Republic.

Some splinters survived for some years after the wars, as was to be expected, but one thing is for sure—they went extinct way before the Star Wars Prequels started.

The picture above shows you how one of the Taung looks like, so here's the look of that species.


I hope you now know about the strongest Mandalorians ever.

On the other hand, I also wish you now have the urge to research more on these epic characters and their stories, as they are definitely worth a deeper look.

This is an amazing species and culture, and we now have the chance to raise the awareness of Star Wars fans towards it since the series was such a success.