Top 5 Sexiest Avengers Girls

Updated on September 18, 2017

Inspired Work

Based on my sexiest X-Girls hub I have decided to make a list of the top 5 hottest women the Avengers ever had. There have been many different girls over the years to have fought with the Avengers including some of the X-Men such has Storm and the entire Fantastic Four is considered to be part of the Avengers which of course would mean Susan Storm, that being said I am going to try to avoid listing anyone part of the X-Men, their team is big enough on there own article and so is the Avengers really. So sit back and lets have a look at some of the most attractive girls the Avengers have ever had counting down from 5 to number 1.

Ms Marvel

Fifth Place

Ms Marvel or Carol Danvers has always been among the Avengers sexiest girls, sometimes I am not sure why, her face does not strike me particularly attractive but she does bring out the curves in that leotard she used to wear. Being one of the most powerful women in the Avengers line up, Ms Marvel is crucial to most of any mission unless of course she is off battling something else on another planet. Carol Danvers was once an officer for the U.S. Air Force and recently not only earned her wings but I think she has a personal plane. She may be going by Captain Marvel now but in the end she is still Carol Danvers and although I don't see the big deal many others have so I will put her in 5th place on my board.

Invisible Woman

Though mainly Fantastic Four, she still has a part with the Avengers.
Though mainly Fantastic Four, she still has a part with the Avengers.

Fourth Place

Standing has one of the few super hero parents, Susan Storm still looks very good considering the toll having three kids can have on the body. Maybe she shouldn't be here on this list since she mainly works with the Fantastic Four, but I feel she has done more then enough work with the Avengers to belong with there girls. Susan Storm is a scientist a mother a sister and a good wife to Reed Richards, and her power to make strong fields and turn invisible makes her a important member of both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Susan very good considering everything a listed above but I am afraid she has only ranked 4th in this little nerds poll.


Jenifer Walters is pretty hot despite the fact she is 7 feet tall and could crush you with ease.
Jenifer Walters is pretty hot despite the fact she is 7 feet tall and could crush you with ease.

Third Place

I have to admit, there is just something about the way She-Hulk talks to people and the way she can handle herself. Jenifer Walters is without a doubt one of the strongest girls of all the Marvel comics, and on top of that she stands out as an Avenger being the direct cousin to the Hulk. But this is supposed to be about how she looks. She-Hulk is not at all shy about showing off her curves nor is she afraid of... well anything to put it simply in fact she is just plane a jolly person despite being a hulk. She-Hulk seems to prefer outfits the allow her to show off her legs and sometimes her whole figure not that anybody is complaining, and not only is she strong physically but as a lawyer she is quit wealthy as well and can always find some sort of loophole that will allow her a good time and earns her 3rd place on my list.

Scarlet Witch

At first an X-Men villain, now she is a respected hero.
At first an X-Men villain, now she is a respected hero.

Second Place

She may have started as a villain working with Magneto and his brotherhood but since then she as become the perfect Avenger and even went as far as having a relationship with Vision. Scarlet Witch is the first born doughtier of Magneto and has the power to alter reality. It is understandable why Vision looked at her the way he did with a body like that with the confidence to wear something like that outdoors. Although she wears this dancers outfit I do believe she may be a little shy when it comes to relationships which is in its own way kinda cute. I like Wanda Maximoff, she is both very powerful and very pretty, and she has every right to be 2nd in this poll.

Black Widow

One of the oldest members and still one of the greatest.
One of the oldest members and still one of the greatest.

First Place

Black Widow, Natalia Romanova. The Russian born super spy is without a doubt one of the toughest girls in the entire Avengers lineup despite the lack of any powers whatsoever $6. Black Widow is very confident in what she does and in her ability to do it. Most recently she has been given some sort of super soldier serum created by some organization called Red Room, now she is like Captain America in the aspect that her strength and abilities are at peak human levels however she can never become pregnant. That being said the serum has done nothing but help preserve her already perfect form, Black Widow is probably on of the best Avengers let alone on of the best girls and she deserves to be in first place on this board.

They are all Good.

Trust me even if they disagree with each other they are all good.
Trust me even if they disagree with each other they are all good.

Last Words

This board is my personal listing of who I think are the best and should now way be token too seriously, if you feel that someone else is better then that is your business and hey leave me a note and we can talk about it. I understand that Rogue and Storm from the X-Men have recently become Avengers but they have been X-Men far longer then Avengers plus they may already be on my other list. Thanks for reading this hub and once again if you have anything you would like to say please leave me a note and I will get back to you, thanks again.

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      • mtndewlover profile imageAUTHOR

        James Hagseth 

        3 years ago

        Hmm I forgot about Spider-Woman perhaps she deserves a place more then the She-hulk.

      • Mike Nolan profile image

        Michael Nolan 

        3 years ago from Sarasota, FL

        No Spider-Woman?


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