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Updated on October 7, 2016

I just recently started reading manhwas and webtoons so here are the best ones for me so far. I highly recommend these titles especially if you're a fan of action mangas.

Warning! Contains minor spoilers!

Listed in no particular order.

King of Hell


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Historical

Status: Ongoing

Written by Ra In-Soo and illustrated by Kim Jae-hwan

Majeh was once a very powerful warrior in life. In death, he is made as a servant of the King of Hell. When dangerous and evil spirits escaped their captivity in hell, Majeh is given an opportunity to return to life as the King of Hell's emissary. Now back to the living world, Majeh must hunt these powerful and evil spirits before they break the world.

I must say this is the first ever manhwa I discovered and fell in love with. I particularly love the comedy aspect of this series. I never laughed so hard in a comic before. Goofy faces, hilarious remarks, Majeh provides them all. Our protagonist can come off as smug since he's overly powerful compared to his enemies but that smugness comes off as a comedic factor of the series. You won't hate him because of that. The illustration is a little bit the old kind but they're really detailed. There's the existence of various sects that practiced different kinds of martial arts so you'll see a lot of techniques and forms here. The battles are highly entertaining to read and you'll mostly see our beloved protagonist casually defeating his enemies with relative ease.

King of Hell has been in publication since 2001 and is still ongoing.



Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Supernatural

Status: Ongoing

Written by Son Jae Ho and Illustrated by Lee Gwang

Noblesse tells the story of Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai). Rai is part of an ancient race called Nobles, a powerful and immortal race that oversees and protects humanity from the shadows. We follow him as he discovers and defeat enemies that threatens to destroy the humans.

Noblesse is probably the most popular Korean web-comic right now and with a good reason. My first impression on this web-comic is it's just another Twilight rip-off. You know, good looking vampire main characters, drooling teenage girls and what not. Still, I went against my impressions and decided to jump on the wagon and see for myself what's the fuzz all about. Turns out it's a comic full of action pack battles and power showdown.

First off these Nobles are not vampires at all. Humans thought they were but they're not. They are immortal and sleeps in coffins but that's it. Sunlight doesn't affect them whatsoever and they do not drink blood. They eat normal food. So yeah not a vampire at all. Rai, our protagonist is one overpowered dude and he stomps. It's so satisfying to see him fight since he just keeps pwning everyone and defeats them with his blood tornadoes and dragons. Reall neat stuff. Some creatures such as werewolves and modified humans also exist in this webtoon.

If you like action mangas full of intense battles and an especially overpowered main character. You should read this webtoon.

PS: The video above is not a trailer for a Noblesse anime. It's just a promotional video made for the release of the latest volume of Noblesse.

The Breaker


Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Drama

Status: Part 1: Completed

Part 2 : The Breaker: New Waves - Ongoing

Written by Geuk-Jin Jeon and illustrated by Jin-Hwan Park

The story follows the story of a timid and shy highschool student named Shi-Woon Yi, when he became the student of Chun Woo Han. Unknown to Shi-Woon, Chun Woo is the infamous Nine Arts Dragon, a martial arts master who is a great enemy of the martial arts society known as Murim. We follow Shi-Woon as he ventures to the world he's never seen before.

Definitely one of the best martial arts manwha out there. The great clans, the martial arts forms and techniques, they're all present. You will see how the world of Martial Arts Society, or in the story they called Murim, exist and function on this modern day. There's some political stuff going on too and the likes of that but that's just a minor part. You may find the series having a problem with pacing. Sometimes the plot revolves quite slowly especially for our protagonist. Since he's our cliché goody two shoes main character, you may wait a little more to see him in action. But when you do, it's so satisfying.

The Part 2 of the manhwa, The Breaker: New Waves, has a lot more action and more glory moments for our protagonist. It's highly recommended to read it after reading the first part.



Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Martial Arts, Comedy

Status: Completed

Written by Yoon Joon-sik and Illustrated by Kim Dong-hoon

The manhwa tells the story of Ma Gangryong. A middle schooler who loves to fight and is considered to be the strongest in his school. His ideas of strength changed when he met a mysterious man called Lightning Tiger. After witnessing the mysterious man display an unbelievable kind power, he begged to be taught. A year went passed and Lightning Tiger finally gave up and took Gangryong as his student. Now Gangryong is now part of the world he had never seen before and now his life will change forever.

Gangryong is a fine protagonist. He's reckless and loves to fight but his victories is such a satisfying thing to read. He's the lowest of the low but he always manage to find clever ways to win against those who are way stronger than him.

The distribution of power in the manhwa involves a combination of martial arts and other things like elemental properties like Void, Lightning, Fire etc. There's no clear explanation on how the other Martial Arts works except for having the Chi as the "fuel" to use them. However the concept of our protagonist's martial art, the EOTL (Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightning) is rather interesting. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of Chi, what is important is how pure it is. The manhwa has a lot more detailed explanation. Just wanted to point that out since it's completely different from other Shonen titles where the protagonists have massive amounts of power source and what not.

I say this is one of my top favorite. I love all the display of power and the action sequences. The mix of Sci-Fi and Martial Arts is just so perfect in this manhwa. Definitely a must read.

The Gamer


Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy

Status: Ongoing

Written by Sung Sang-Yong and illustrated by Sang-Ah

Are you a big fan of RPG games? EXP grinding, going on raids with your party members and acquiring some ultra rare items? If so, you should totally check out this web-comic.

The Gamer tells the story of Han Jee-han when he woke up one day discovering he has the powers of an RPG player. Suddenly he can see other people's level floating above their heads, he can see his own stats and even develop abilities. We follow our protagonist as he gets suck into a whole new world he never known existed. "The Abyss" where people with special abilities like him exists.

This manhwa is such a joy to read. I love that I understand whatever the heck he's talking about. Trying to decide which stat to invest in, what kind of ability to level up, or what equipment to wear or sell. This comics shows you how it's like to have this powers in a real and modern world setting. Though this webtoon may not appeal to those who are not really into gaming since they may find it to be too technical since there's a lot of RPG related stuff going on about. But if you're an RPG fan, you'll love this series.

By the way minor spoilers. Our protagonist is a mage ;)

Tower of God


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama

Status: Ongoing

Written and Illustrated by SIU

The Tower of God title refers to the world setting of the comic. The inhabitants simply refer to it as the Tower. The Tower currently have 135 floors, each have the same size of North America. It is divided into three parts: the Inner Tower, the Outer Tower, and the Middle Area. People living inside have no knowledge of the world outside the Tower.

The primary protagonist of the story is Baam, a boy clouded by mystery who grew up in an unknown part of the tower. When his only friend left him to climb the tower to pursue a dream, Baam decided to follow her and unknowingly started a journey of his own.

I guess TOG is one of that has the best story for me. There are a lot of secondary characters and each of them quite interesting. Villains are not black and white. You can even sympathize with some of them. There's a lot of battles of wits and power but you won't get much out of our protagonist since he's still on the process of discovering learning thing.

TOG has its own ability structure or like source of power akin to Chakra (Naruto) and Nen (Hunter X Hunter). This power is called Shinshoo and is applied into different kinds of ways but I'm not gonna explain them each since it's greatly explained in the webtoon. Might bother you a little about the art. Illustrations are not really consistent on being good. But then that doesn't really bother me since the story makes up for it.

TOG is separated into two parts, simply called Season 1 and Season 2. The second part is set 5 years later after the events of season 1.



Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Supernatural, Tragedy, Mystery

Status: Part 1 - completed, Part 2 - Ongoing

Written and illustrated by Nasty Cat

The story is set on South Korea where creatures of unknown origin called "Troubles", appeared out of nowhere causing destruction and death everywhere. At the same time, a number of people started to develop strange powers and abilities. These people are called Traces. These unique group of individuals are the only ones capable of stopping the strange creatures. However, because of having similarities with the Troubles, they are shunned and feared by society. We follow the perspectives of two Traces, Sa Ghang Gwon and Kim Yoon Seong as they each try to accomplish their goal to protect their loved ones and destroy those who threaten them.

First thing you might notice about this webtoon is the art. Yes, it's not that good compared to other webtoons out there but I like this one because of the story. The story is full of tragic moments and events. You'll feel connected to the characters as you learn each of them have this tragic past and how they cope and attempt to protect what's left for them. There are a lot of mystery vibes happening at the earlier chapters but all of it comes in full circle at the end that leaves me quite satisfied. This series greatly reminds me of X-men on how the society discriminate and hunt down the Traces.

There's some tidbits that I really love. There are few bonus chapters where there's a blooper reel. It shows the characters forgetting their lines and a number of interviews about what its like portraying their characters. Really funny stuff. Makes up for the lack of the comedy aspect in the series.


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      It's my opinion, but I really love this webtoon in discovery section it's called Dummy's Dummy. It's great.

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      I'd like to suggest Black Haze. You're really going to laugh, cry, upset and smile at the same time. Fave manhwa ever

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      love the list but y no Kubera, Annarasumanara, God of Bath and other author Il Kwon Ha manhwas

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