Troll Slayer - a Warhammer Gotrek and Felix novel by William King

Updated on June 26, 2017

Who are Gotrek and Felix?

Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger are two characters from the world of Warhammer fantasy. Gotrek is a dwarf and belongs to the cult of Grimnir and is more often refer to as a troll slayer (hence the title of the book). Having undergone some unknown incident in his past Gotrek has sworn to seek death in glorious battle and all Dwarves take oaths extremely seriously.

Felix is a human and the son of a noble. He has somehow become entangled with Gotrek and undertaken an oath to record his adventures and ultimate demise in a saga, of course this means Felix must survive Gotrek's numerous adventures something Gotrek doesn't always take into consideration.

Between the pair of them Gotrek leads them on numerous travels taking them far and wide in pursuit of his goal a glorious death in combat with Felix tagging along as an often unwilling participate.

The Old World

The adventures of Gotrek and Felix take place is the world of Warhammer fantasy (before the age of Sigmar took over). In Trollslayer their adventures take them through the Empire into the Border Princes to the fallen Dwarvern city of Karak Eight Peaks then back into the Empire through the Drakwald forest heading towards the Empire city of Nuln.

The old world is a vast sprawling place where inbetween the numerous city and towns deep dark forests, wastelands and cave networks hid a motley array of orcs, goblins, trolls and chaos worshippers. This gives Gotrek many opportunities to seek out his doom some he intentionally finds other he just seems to blunder into.

The towns and cities are no escape from trouble either as the minions of chaos are everywhere and man is oft corrupted by the dark powers.


As you may be able to guess the bulk of Gotrek's and Felix's adventures are driven by Gotrek's oath to die a glorious death in battle and include venturing out on Geheimnisnacht (a Warhammer night like Halloween except with real ghouls, ghosts and monsters), a treasure quest into the abandoned Dwarf Stronghold of Karak Eight peaks as well as the many enemies Gotrek's seems to almost blunder blindly into.

Often Gotrek can hear or smell trouble long before Felix realise's just what trouble Gotrek has gotten them into!

Arch Warhammer - Gotrex and Felix

Best Gotrex and Felix wrtier?

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This original Gotrex and Felix novel reads more as a collection of related short stories set in chronological order than a novel. That aside its still a excellent read and an good introduction to the grim world of Warhammer fantasy as well as the characters of Felix Jaeger and Gotrex Gurnisson.

The world is grim and dark with many a mishap belaying Gotrek and Felix as well as foes innumerable to fight against both the obvious and the not so obvious. It will be a delight to both Warhammer and fantasy fans and has plenty of sequels to continue the fun.

As it is an old book now an omnibus edition is available which contains the first three Gotrek and Felix novels which may prove a better buy for those interested.

4 stars for Trollslayer by William King

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      • profile image

        Warhammer fan 

        14 months ago

        Looks like a good read from the olde Warhammer.


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