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Are You a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff: What Your Hogwarts House Says about You

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Harry Potter casting magic.

Harry Potter casting magic.

What It Means to Be a Gryffindor

The brave, the bold, and the popular Gryffindors have fire in their bellies. They are courageous, outspoken, and sometimes cocky. They are champions of sport, combat, and competition. To be a Gryffindor means you like to lead, you follow your heart and will do so boldly, and you are in a constant search for success.

Gryffindors can be hot-headed, sometimes to the point of being so stubborn that they can't see straight. They look out for others and tend to promote those who are not able to find inner strength. A hardworking Gryffindor will get the job done, and they typically have friends who will also help assist in others' trials. These are warm-hearted people who are ready for action. They often act before thinking things through.

In real life, Gryffindors are your popular students, the athletic, and the champions. They strive for success and don't have an easy time accepting failure. They might not always be the brightest or the strongest, but they do have a great deal of determination, which sets them apart.

Gryffindors make lifelong friends with multitudes of people outside their house. They have open hearts, but not always open minds. They care about the rights of those less fortunate. You'll find a number of jolly people in this house. They can get upset at the drop of a quarter, but forgiveness isn't impossible for them.

Don't set off a Gryffindor if you can. Their anger is very strong. Part of this stems from their fear of failure. They constantly have a fear of impostor syndrome, that they don't live up to the name of a Gryffindor, a wizard, or even a human. This quirk is their flaw, but it is also what makes them shine. They always want to reach a little more, they want to outperform themselves, and they want to make sure that those they love have what they need.

Gryffindors easily fall in love with the mainstream. If it's trendy, Gryffindors want to know more about it, whether it's the Marvel franchise or the latest iPhone craze. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were always knowledgeable about their world, inquiring about what is cool, what is popular—but more importantly, what is the truth, what is virtue, and what it is to be whole. They are strong people, lights in a dark, dim, and terrifying world.

Guided by the element of fire, they like to live by experiences, live in the moment, and do so passionately. Fire spreads easily from place to place. Where one Gryffindor stands, many gather and flock together to fight against the cold, harsh realities we all face.

Dragon Con parade 2013. Slytherins casting spells.

Dragon Con parade 2013. Slytherins casting spells.

What It Means to Be a Slytherin

Slytherin are cool, chic, and sleek. They are the embodiment of water, a symbol for emotions. They tend to pack together like wolves. They have a high interest in keeping things together for the sake of family.

Slytherin sometimes has a hard time accepting change, accepting new people, and accepting boredom. They seek out creativity, ingenuity, and whatever is cunning. They may seem cold and calculated on the surface, but their real goal is innovation for the sake of eternity. This is a noble pursuit, but since it is such a powerful pursuit, it can often lead people into evil.

Slytherins stick up for their family. As a house, they have the strongest connections to their families. They keep their fortunes and treasures together, quietly mending their secrets and serving their mysteries. Wealth tends to follow them, and they know some of the most powerful spells of all. There are a lot of rumors about them because they are so secretive, introspective, and sullen.

Slytherins are children of the water. They flow in whatever direction water takes them. They are malleable, switching from flowing rivers to ice and into mist. This is like the zodiac sign Scorpio, which morphs from a snake and scorpion and into a phoenix. Water is tricky, but it is the essential compound that keeps life on this planet functioning.

Slytherins look out for each other. They have a hard time making friends outside of their circle, which makes them all the more secretive and dependent on their families. They don't abandon their loved ones with ease—only maybe if sacrificing them will lead to eternity. They are often deeply misunderstood, and they sometimes appear clannish, racist, or cold-hearted.

Some of them are quite indignant toward humanity, but many have a strong curiosity for the mysteries of life, of finding true creativity and reaching toward the heavens. It isn't easy to be a Slytherin; you either face paradise and angels, or you direct life into the pits of hell. They are poets at heart, deep lovers, artistic, and complex. They understand a great number of human facets, but often feel they can't fully express themselves.

To be a Slytherin is an honor, but it comes with great responsibility because it is all too easy, when guided by emotion, to have a thirst for life that leads to corruption. Some of the best thinkers of our time are Slytherins. They are willing to navigate through the mysterious.

Stack of books related to Harry Potter and a timeturner.

Stack of books related to Harry Potter and a timeturner.

What It Means to Be a Hufflepuff

Hard-working, grounded, and practical, Hufflepuffs are the friendliest bunch. They are loyal to the truth, even if it means laying down their lives for others. They like the earth and are solid people. They work hard to get where they are going, like the tortoise who beats the hare. They don't mind putting in extra time and labor, they want to see the fruit of their choices, and they want to encourage those around them to succeed.

Hufflepuffs are some of the most kind-hearted and open people of all. They don't always succeed in school, in bravery, or in originality. They live to to be honest. They're the good Samaritans of Hogwarts. They are quite vulnerable around Slytherins, but they can make friends with Gryffindors and Ravenclaws if they accept them. Hufflepuffs are goal-oriented, perfectionists, and accepting. They are hospitable, they are your caretakers, and they group together in prayer.

Hufflepuffs are the embodiment of community. It doesn't matter whether you are a mighty Huffflepuff or the weakest link; everyone comes together as who they are. You use your weaknesses as strengths. You use everybody as one. They seek to make everything a whole, universal rather than too independent.

Hufflepuffs work hard even if they don't get to see the fruit of their labor. They are faithful, and sometimes people think that faith is stupid—but don't listen to those people. It is more important to trust in faith than reason, to believe in the sun even when it is not shining.

These are the Hufflepuffs. They are often the butt of jokes, seen as weak and frail, or as dumb and grotesque, when, in fact, they might be the greatest of all for they accept their role as humans. They understand that to have an identity, you must act as a servant to others. It's not about who can make the biggest, baddest spells, or who has the biggest brain; it's about making sure your neighbor has enough food and enough water, clothes on their back, and a home to stay in at night.

The Hufflepuffs are vulnerable because they are so caring; the world laughs at them and tries to push them to be more selfish. But Hufflepuffs can't deny their honor. They know life is short, sweet, and fleeting—so they take care of those around them, even if it is just a short ride.

What It Means to Be a Ravenclaw

Ravenclaws are by far the most intelligent, making them independent and ultimately free. They love thinking outside the box, coming up with new riddles, and being on the edge of inventions. Ravenclaw is guided by the element of wind, which has to do with knowledge but also death. They are keenly aware of how short life is, and that there is only so much time to answer the questions needed to be answered. They are quick-witted people, sometimes too frank, sometimes too calm. They can be distracted by a good brain twister.

A Ravenclaw prides themselves on being authentic. They desire to be as original as possible, and through this originality, they have the greatest sense of freedom. They don't pack together like the other houses, because they are all so individualized, seeking for genuine relations and not just being friends with people for the sake of being friends. They are always digging deeper and deeper into thought, hoping to find what is at the heart of creative thinking.

A Ravenclaw is always a curious person. They tend to be quirky, deep, and refreshing. A Ravenclaw follows their brains, looking for the highest possible solution. They're great at philosophy, teaching, law, and game shows. A Ravenclaw will keep a group in check, get them inching toward a goal, and enjoy the ride just as much as the conclusion.

Ravenclaws are always looking for other possibilities. During the Battle of Hogwarts, half of the Ravenclaws left rather than join forces to stop Voldemort. In their minds, it was one battle, and many more could follow. They didn't run away because they are cowards; they ran away because it might give them a more favorable outcome next time.

This again shows why Ravenclaws are so individualistic—because unlike the others houses that were definite in what they wanted, only half stayed and half left. And those who stayed? They must have known deep inside that the outcome to win was possible.

If all the Ravenclaws leave a scene, then that must mean there is no hope. They don't just see on one level; they are able to see all around the corners, and they seek out the world by listening to wisdom and discernment. They are not always right, but they are quite delighted and curious when they are wrong. These are good people to have as friends; you'll feel yourself growing in intelligence, and you'll feel like there is hope.

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Andrea Lawrence (author) on March 16, 2017:

Glad to oblige.

Eunice Simon on March 16, 2017:

Wow even in here, my INFJ matches well with my Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. The hell...this is amazing!

Yoleen Lucas from Big Island of Hawaii on April 17, 2016:

I'd probably wind up in Hufflepuff. I see good points in all the houses, though. Frankly, I would have ended the last book differently. I would have had Albus send Harry and Ginny an owl the next day, saying the Sorting Hat gave him a choice between Gryffindor and Slytherin, and he chose Slytherin because a creepy platinum blonde girl who looked like a ravenous lion and reminded him of an angora cat wound up in Gryffindor - her name was Dolores Enigma. Then I would leave my audience hanging for all eternity...

Andrea Lawrence (author) on April 15, 2016:

@Carolyn M Fields

That is an interesting thought. I'm not sure if MBTI translates perfectly with HP houses. It might work fairly well, but you'll definitely have some outliers. It might be fun to do a hub on Harry Potter and where MBTI falls. I'll have to think about it.

Theresa Jonathan from Maseru, Lesotho on April 15, 2016:

Amazing work! I had to research and fill the test to understand what this is all about. I am a Ravenclaw. Thank you for adding a chapter of a new resource of discovery of self. Will surely learn about those close to me.

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on April 13, 2016:

With your background in MBTI, I was expecting at least a passing reference. I have always thought that there is a pattern to the Hogwarts Houses that aligns with the Keirsey Sorter. Ravenclaw being NT, Hufflepuff being SJ, Slytherin being SP, and Gryffindors being NF. What are your thoughts?