Why Tigerstar Is the Best Erin Hunter Villain

Updated on March 6, 2018
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The Warriors is a series of books written by a group of authors using the pen name Erin Hunter. I am going to explain who Tigerstar is and why he is an interesting character. It would be hard to explain why I like this character without spoiling the first book series, so if you want to avoid spoilers it would be best to stop reading now. I am also going to assume you have a basic understanding of the series.


Who Is Tigerstar?

Before becoming a clan leader, Tigerstar is called Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw is described as being a heavy, thick-furred, and dark brown tabby on the Warriors Wiki. He killed the deputy of ThunderClan, and then lied, blaming a cat from another clan. He then preyed on this situation to try to advance his position. This is a character who is willing to do anything to get what he wants, even if it means killing his clan mates.

Eventually, Bluestar promotes Tigerclaw to the deputy position. At this point it would seem like he is on the path to achieving his goal of becoming a clan leader. Deputies become leaders after the clan leader dies or retires, but this is not soon enough for Tigerclaw, so he tries to trick his clan leader into getting run over by a car. When this plan fails, he tries to kill Bluestar. Afterwards, Tigerclaw is kicked out of Thunderclan, and not even his closest friends and supporters will follow him.

Tigerclaw Becomes a Leader

ShadowClan was being devastated by sickness, and Tigerclaw took advantage of this situation to become the leader of the clan. What is interesting to me is that StarClan accepts Tigerclaw as a true leader. Why would a murderer and deceiver be allowed to become a leader? According to an article by Kate Cary, StarClan accepted Tigerclaw as leader because they wanted to give him a second chance. TigerStar became a leader just as he wanted, but even this would not stop his drive for revenge, so he tries to kill his former clan with a pack of wild dogs. Thunderclan deals with the dogs, but Bluestar dies in the encounter.

Tigerstars True Nature Is Revealed

Tigerstar only gets more evil as time goes on. He is aggressive and violent against the clans that refuse to follow him, and his unrelenting ambition and zeal would be his death. He tries to get a vicious clan of cats known as the "BloodClan" to attack the remaining clans who would not submit to him, but then attacks the leader of Bloodclan in a foolish confrontation. What happens next is one of the most gruesome things in the whole series: Tigerstar is slashed so harshly, not even the StarClan can stop him from dying. He dies again and again until he loses all of his nine of lives, and his death is extremely painful.

Despite being made leader by StarClan when Tigerstar dies, he ends up in the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest is the cat's version of hell, and only the worst cats end up there. All the cats that follow the rules of the clans go to StarClan, which is equivalent to cat heaven. The story of Tigerstar is not over, though; even in death, he plays a huge part later on in the series. But I won't spoil anything else.

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Why Tigerstar Is an Interesting Character

Tigerstar gets what he wants multiple times, but never seems satisfied. He most likely would have been promoted to the deputy position at some point while in Thunderclan, but kills to get there faster because he is impatient and overly ambitious. When he becomes deputy that is still not enough, and he attempts to kill Bluestar. When he becomes the leader of ShadowClan, instead of improving the clan he seeks revenge on his former clan. He is made leader because StarClan believed he would be a good choice, yet he betrays their trust by squandering his power on petty disputes. He only cares about forcing everybody else to follow his will.

Even being the leader of two clans was not enough. He tries to bring in an outside force to take control of everything, so he can monopolize all the power. This cat went from wanting to be the leader of one clan to wanting to be the leader of them all. He always took the most greedy and self-serving actions possible, and never showed remorse for his actions. There are many unfortunate deaths in the series, but it is difficult to grieve for Tigerstar.

Tigerstar Could Have Been a Good Leader

Tigerstar could have been a great leader. He followed the rules only if they alined with his goals, but he still followed them. Most cats in the clan had no negative thoughts about Tigerclaw. To borrow a Dungeons and Dragons term, Tigerstar is a lawful-evil character. He is evil, but he still believed in StarClan and the laws of the clans.

Tigerclaw's weird lawful-evil nature is the big reason why he is an interesting character. I like the slow build-up to his complete betrayal. You are not quite sure how evil this cat is or what he is planning, which is what makes him my favorite Erin Hunter villain. Who knew a cat could be so evil?

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