Top 10 Fastest Broomsticks in Harry Potter

Updated on October 4, 2019
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Broom anatomy in Harry Potter
Broom anatomy in Harry Potter

Broomsticks in Harry Potter

Even Muggles throughout Harry Potter have an idea of magical beings riding broomsticks as transportation, showcasing their prominence. While most wizards and witches use Apparition (teleportation) to travel, brooms offer great alternatives to underage teenagers. They're also used for sport, primarily Quidditch—which reign supreme? These are the ten fastest broomsticks throughout the Harry Potter universe!

Australian Flyabout
Australian Flyabout

10. Australian Flyabout 50

Used By: Australian Quidditch Team

Little is known regarding this broom, other than it was flown by the Australian Quidditch team in the 1994 World Championships. Australia didn't win the tournament (none of their actual results are stated), but seeing professional usage highlights the device's speed.

Transylvanian Barb
Transylvanian Barb

9. Transylvanian Barb

Used By: Transylvanian Quidditch Team

Again, little is know about this equipment, but it's cited as a world-class broom. And while the Transylvanian team didn't win the 1994 championship (Ireland did), we do know they absolutely destroyed the English team, scoring 390 points against just 10.

Nimbus 2000
Nimbus 2000

8. Nimbus 2000

Used By: Japanese Quidditch Team

The fastest broom of its time, the Nimbus 2000 debuted in 1991, and Harry received one as gift from Professor McGonagall to help him succeed as Gryffindor's new Seeker. It was also used by the Japanese Quidditch team in the 1994 World Championships.

Nimbus 2001
Nimbus 2001

7. Nimbus 2001

Used By: Slytherin Quidditch Team

With a black paint job and longer bristles, the 2001 improved upon the Nimbus 2000 to briefly become the fastest broom of all time. In exchange for putting him on the team, Draco Malfoy bought the Slytherin Quidditch team several of these brooms.

While eventually dethroned by the Firebolt, many professional teams are known to still use 2001s, likely because of the expenses and rarity of Firebolts.


6. Firebolt

Used By: Bulgarian and Irish Quidditch Teams

The fastest broom for several years, Sirius Black sends Harry a Firebolt to replace his old Nimbus, and both of the 1994 finalist teams rode them. Firebolts can travel fly at 150 miles per hour and incorporate several useful features, like a powerful Braking Charm that allows for precision movement and fast stops. They partially contain goblin-forged metal that contributes to their quality (and price).

Starsweeper XXI (imagining)
Starsweeper XXI (imagining)

5. Starsweeper XXI

Used By: American Quidditch Team

The American team utilized Starsweepers during the 2014 World Championships, notably the first year the Americans were thought to have a chance at victory. While they didn't end up winning, they ultimately placed 4th out of 16, defeating Jamaica and Liechtenstein before losing to Brazil.

Yajirushi (imagining)
Yajirushi (imagining)

4. Yajirushi

Used By: Japanese Quidditch Team

Japan unveiled a new type of broomstick at the 2014 tournament, leading them to third place overall. Only the Bulgarian tournament winners (featuring the return of Viktor Krum) defeated Japan, who in turn beat Poland, Nigeria, and (in their third-place playoffs) the USA .

Varápidos (imagining)
Varápidos (imagining)

3. Varápidos

Used By: Brazilian Quidditch Team

The Brazilian Quidditch team has long been a powerhouse, chalking up five World Championship wins. While they didn't take home the gold medal in 2014, they still earned second place and displayed the capabilities of their unique broomsticks.

Thunderbolt VII
Thunderbolt VII

2. Thunderbolt VII

Used By: Nigerian Quidditch Team

The Nigerians entered the 2014 tourney with these tools, stated to rival even the fastest of brooms. That said, many believe Thunderbolt construction sacrifices safety for speed, displayed when the Nigerian Seeker had their broom split in two by a Bludger.

Broomsticks are supposed to withstand Bludger hits, and that fatal moment likely cost Nigeria their match against Japan. Still, Thunderbolts are undeniably quick and helped Nigeria defeat Fiji in their first game.

Firebolt Supreme
Firebolt Supreme

1. Firebolt Supreme

Used By: Bulgarian Quidditch Team

The updated version of the previous king, Firebolt Supremes guided the Bulgarians to victory in the 2014 World Championship, fulfilling the lifelong dream of Viktor Krum. Presumably, they offer and improve upon the previous model, providing the fastest ride the Wizarding World has ever seen.

Which broom would you ride?

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Broomstick Magic and Games

As useful as today's brooms are to Quidditch players, not everything is about speed—some broomsticks offer additional perks, like the enhanced durability of the Tinderblast or the increased altitude on the Moontrimmer.

Brooms are also used for other games, like Swivenhodge (aerial volleyball) and racing, but for now, as we await the Wizarding World's next set of enchanted broomsticks, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Harry Potter countdown!

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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      9 months ago from U.S.A.

      This was a fun read, Jeremy. I didn't realize how many brooms were around in the Harry Potter universe. Thanks.


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