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  • Shirou tries to stop Rider and take down the Boundary Field around the school. Saber arrives to rescue her Master. What will he do when Rin Tohsaka offers to make an alliance with him? Is the manga adaptation of Fate/Stay Night worth your time and money? Let's find out!

    Manga Review:

    Manga Review: "Fate/Stay Night" Volume 3 by Dat Nishiwaki

    by ReViewMeMedia0

  • Just when I thought it was a herculean task to find and comment about five of the lamest Marvel villains, I found something even more difficult - DC Villains. While Marvel has had more than its fair share of lame villains, I really had to check all of my resources to find them.

    Five (Seven Actually) Really Lame DC Villains

    Five (Seven Actually) Really Lame DC Villains

    by Christopher Peruzzi16

  • Stan Lee co-created Spider-Man in 1962 and wrote the first 100 issues of "The Amazing Spider-Man." Steve Ditko helped invent the hero and provided stellar artwork on the first 38 issues of ASM. I'll be pulling out five of the best stories that Lee and Ditko created about the web-slinging superhero.

    5 of the Best

    5 of the Best "Amazing Spider-Man" Stories by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

    by Nathan Kiehn0

  • As I said in Five Marvel Heroes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, there are the villains that just can’t make it in the bad guy game. Some are just sad excuses of a bad guy that the hero gives a few love taps to or maybe just a firm scolding to get them off the path to the dark side. Some of them just have bad planning or some kind of serious inferiority complex. Some may just have unreliable powers. These guys may only appear in a one shot. The guys I’m talking about are repeat offenders that rea

    Five Marvel Villains You've Probably Never Heard Of

    Five Marvel Villains You've Probably Never Heard Of

    by Christopher Peruzzi13

  • Due to the premise of DC’s 52, Earth appears to be the keystone which keeps the DC Multiverse together. So, luckily, we always get a front row seat to the menace du jour. And we speak of menaces and threats to this universe. Some enemies were old favorites and were easy to see. Some required a bit of research and personal recollection and analysis.

    The Eleven Most Powerful Threats in the DC Universe

    The Eleven Most Powerful Threats in the DC Universe

    by Christopher Peruzzi31

  • People start reading comic books and graphic novels for a variety of reasons. The one common denominator I've found is that they rarely begin without someone introducing them to the medium. In recent years, I've taken the role of indoctrinating many people to this fantastic medium.

    The Thirteen Graphic Novels that No Comic Book Fan Should Be Without

    The Thirteen Graphic Novels that No Comic Book Fan Should Be Without

    by Christopher Peruzzi59

  • Over the last fifty years, Marvel Comics has amassed some pretty powerful villains - and villains are people you should be worried about. However, the term "villain" and "threat" are not necessarily synonymous. Should you see any of these characters within the plot, you should be a little worried for the hero or team.

    The Ten Most Powerful Threats in the Marvel Universe

    The Ten Most Powerful Threats in the Marvel Universe

    by Christopher Peruzzi34


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