Top 10 Death Eaters in "Harry Potter"

Updated on March 26, 2020
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Death Eater costumes in Harry Potter
Death Eater costumes in Harry Potter

Death Eaters in Harry Potter

Powerful as Lord Voldemort is, he couldn't challenge the wizarding world without help—that's where his band of Death Eaters comes in. With faces obscured by black masks, they conceal their identities, helping them infiltrate their enemy's ranks, although they can be distinguished by their left forearm's skull-and-serpent Dark Mark tattoo.

Like their leader, Death Eaters believe in pureblood supremacy and practice the Dark Arts, making them ghastly opponents more than willing to kill for their cause. While none could match Voldemort in dueling prowess, many nonetheless prove themselves powerful servants—which wizards and witches reign supreme? These are the 10 strongest Death Eaters throughout Harry Potter! Spoilers ahead.

Thorfinn Rowle
Thorfinn Rowle

10. Thorfinn Rowle

Status: Unknown (likely imprisoned in Azkaban)

Rowle is one of the most destructive Death Eaters, recklessly casting curses with malicious glee. He was able to duel Tonks on even footing, and once took on Hermione and Ron, only losing to an invisible Harry's intervention.

Rowle's recklessness could prove troublesome, like when he accidentally hit fellow Death Eater Gibbons with the Avada Kedavra Killing Curse, but he was also able to take orders when needed, like when he dutifully obeyed Snape's command to retreat the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.

Peter Pettigrew
Peter Pettigrew

9. Peter Pettigrew

Status: Deceased (strangled by the silver hand Voldemort gave him)

Perhaps the most underrated Death Eater, Peter's cowardliness and betrayals belie his impressive magical talent. He was able to get the jump on Sirius in their confrontation, overpower Bertha Jorkins, and (with help from Barty Crouch Jr.) capture renowned Auror Mad-Eye Moody.

Peter was also a skilled Animagus, able to morph into a rat (Ron's pet Scabbers), and his cunning let him pin the blame of his betrayal on Sirius Black and successfully revive Lord Voldemort.

Regulus Black
Regulus Black

8. Regulus Black

Status: Deceased (killed by Voldemort's Inferi)

Despite Regulus's upbringing in a pureblood-supremacy family, he eventually realizes how Voldemort's evil and turns against him. Voldemort had let slip a clue regarding his immortality, and Regulus was intelligent enough to piece together that it indicated Horcruxes.

Though it would cost him his life, Regulus manages to locate one of Voldemort's Horcruxes and switch it with a fake, again showing his cunning. We don't know much about his dueling abilities, but if he's anything like Sirius, he's presumably a force to be reckoned with.

Draco Malfoy's Dark Mark
Draco Malfoy's Dark Mark

7. Draco Malfoy

Status: Alive

Deep down, Draco's not a Death Eater at heart, but before leaving the group, he more than proves his worth to the cause, successfully sneaking the group into Hogwarts via the Room of Requirement.

Draco's also a skilled warrior, able to pressure Harry (likely the most skilled duelist of his year) in their numerous battles, and he became the master of the Elder Wand after disarming Dumbledore.

Lucius Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy

6. Lucius Malfoy

Status: Alive

Lucius was a loyal Death Eater for many years, but his love for his family finally prevails in Deathly Hallows. But before that, he was trusted enough to be given one of Voldemort's Horcruxes (Tom Riddle's diary), and he often served as the Dark Lord's second-in-command.

Although Lucius doesn't engage in many battles throughout the series, he's a talented opponent when he does, easily deflecting Harry's stunning spell during the Battle of the Department of Ministries. He's also one of few Death Eaters willing to stand up to Bellatrix Lestrange without fear.

Bartemius Crouch Junior
Bartemius Crouch Junior

5. Bartemius Crouch Junior

Status: Dead or an empty shell, having received a soul-draining Dementor's Kiss

Barty Jr. successfully impersonates Moody for a whole year, proving his skills adequate to masquerade as a top-tier Auror. He's also one of few to dupe Dumbledore, who was suspicious of Quirrell and Lockhart but didn't suspect Barty until the end of the year.

Barty successfully took down the real Moody (alongside Pettigrew), kept him drugged and weakened the entire year, and was able to fool the renowned Goblet of Fire into thinking Harry had entered his name. Sadly, we don't get to see Barty enter any true duels, but all evidence points to him being a formidable combatant.

Antonin Dolohov
Antonin Dolohov

4. Antonin Dolohov

Status: Unknown (likely imprisoned in Azkaban)

Dolohov has many victories to his name. He was one of the Death Eaters to overpower skilled wizards Gideon and Fabian Prewett, and he fought Harry, Hermione, and Neville at once during the Department battle, defeating the latter two and only losing to Harry because of an outside distraction.

Perhaps even more impressively, he back-to-back defeated Moody (who admittedly had grown rusty from retirement) and evenly fought Sirius Black, only losing from Harry's intervention. Years later, Dolohov and Rowle would fight Harry and Ron, with Dolohov beating them before falling to Hermione.

Essentially, Dolohov almost always wins equal fights, only falling after enemy reinforcements arrive, although he was finally taken down by Professor Flitwick at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Corban Yaxley
Corban Yaxley

3. Corban Yaxley

Status: Unknown (likely imprisoned in Azkaban)

Yaxley's battle prowess earns Voldemort's respect, with the Dark Lord sending him to single-handedly apprehend Horace Slughorn, himself a skilled sorcerer. Yaxley was one of the last Death Eaters to fall during the Battle of Hogwarts, outnumbered by the combination of Lee Jordan and George Weasley, but he previously showcased his prowess by battling Flitwick (a former dueling champion) to a draw.

Yaxley was also talented in the mind-controlling Imperius Curse and wasn't afraid to jinx Fenrir Greyback when he tried to disobey orders.

Severus Snape
Severus Snape

2. Severus Snape

Status: Deceased (killed by Voldemort)

After Lily Potter's death, Snape secretly switched sides to work as a double-agent for the Order of the Phoenix, but he was still a formidable Death Eater. Snape repeatedly proves his magical mastery, dominating Harry in their duel and fighting Minerva McGonagall to a draw.

He was also incredibly knowledgeable with potions, curses, and subterfuge, and he could even fly without a broomstick. Snape also invented at least one spell, the violent Sectumsempra. Still, even he was capable of mistakes, like accidentally hitting George Weasley with Sectumsempra while aiming at a Death Eater.

Bellatrix Lestrange
Bellatrix Lestrange

1. Bellatrix Lestrange

Status: Deceased (killed by Molly Weasley)

Lestrange is easily Voldemort's strongest lieutenant; defeating skilled Order members like Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Sirius Black (who she killed) at the Battle of the Ministries. She also effortlessly beat four snatchers (bounty hunters), including Fenrir Greyback, and later dueled Hermione, Ginny, and Luna at once, not only matching them but seeming to have the advantage.

Bellatrix falls to Molly Weasley, but this is mostly because she underestimates her foe and is tired from previous duels. It's also worth mentioning that Lestrange was one of few Death Eaters to (correctly) mistrust Snape's loyalty to Voldemort, and that her daughter Delphini would become one of the strongest characters throughout the entire franchise.

Which Death Eater do you think is strongest?

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Voldemort's Strongest Followers

In addition to today's characters, Voldemort had other fearsome supporters, even if they weren't technically Death Eaters. His and Bellatrix's daughter Delphini would become a deadly witch, he gains the support of renowned werewolf Fenrir Greyback, and in an alternate timeline, a corrupted Cedric Diggory joins his forces.

Even weaker Death Eaters are deadly through their use of the Killing Curse (which members of the Order of the Phoenix generally avoid), and they often only lose battles after being outnumbered. But for now, as we await more glimpses into the dark side of the wizarding world, vote for your preferred Death Eater and I'll see you at our next Harry Potter countdown!

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      Liz Westwood 

      4 months ago from UK

      You demonstrate a great knowledge of JK Rowling's creation in this article.


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