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9 Metal Detector Holidays in the UK

A keen detectorist who loves uncovering the odd bits and bobs from history!


Looking for the perfect getaway with just you and your metal detector? Well, there are actually a fair few dedicated metal detecting holiday retreats and weekend breaks right in the UK that you can look into.

Here we are going to list some of the more popular destinations.

Of course, if you think we have missed any dedicated ones that deserve to be on the list of metal detecting weekend breaks and holidays, please let us know in the comments section below.

1. Farm Stay

When it comes to enjoying a nice trip away, Farm Stay makes an excellent way to ensure you have ample things to do when out and about. This is the best kind of trip for those who are looking for a bit of exploration in life.

Exploring the UK can be fun, but Farm Stay allows you to come along and really enjoy something a bit more ambitious. They cover places as diverse as Devon to Inverness-shire and Coleford, making it easy for you to find a spot to try out.

Many of the best locations to try out for a metal detecting holiday can be found on the Farm Stay site if you want to get an all-in-one package bringing everything together.

2. Scotland

Scotland makes a wonderful place to visit in general, but it can be a surprisingly rich treasure trove of metal detecting finds. Definitely, a place to think about traveling to if you want to go on a proper trip!

Scotland includes many bogs, rivers, canals, lakes, and lochs that you could easily search around; locations of high traffic and high interest over the years that are bound to have some awesome finds.

Add in the gluttony of castles, forts, and old school structures to check out, and there are plenty of places to come visit in Scotland that might be littered with fantastic finds.

3. Shropshire

Shropshire offers a fun and satisfying little trip away if you want to get a nice part of rural England and enjoy something a little different. You’ll be nearby a key location, too, in the famous Whittington Castle.

Shropshire also makes a great place to start off with as it has such a wonderful landscape. Instead of just checking masses of the same kind of land over and over, this offers a really diverse, exciting change of landscape.

Just be sure to have a look around for other things to do as you come on your treasure hunts. From trying out some of the famous Scottish cuisines to a trip to a famous wee local, you’ll have many ways to pass day and night.

4. Norfolk

Norfolk is home to many beautiful sights and sounds, but also a great amount of history. As such, you can be left with a very impressive, enterprising location to visit, explore, and search for special finds.

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You’ll get to enjoy experiencing some special rural countryside as well as heading into parts of the local culture and countryside that you might never have the chance to see again. Fun exploration with a metal detecting upside!

Be sure to bring a good variety of clothing, though, as the openness of this part of the world makes it easy for you to find the weather can change in a click of the fingers.

6. Colchester

Colchester has long been home to many finds across the world, and many discoveries have taken place here from metal detecting lovers looking for a memorable find. This ensures you have no such issues getting started.

From classic coinage to items from times long since passed, this makes an excellent place to come and check out. There is much to do within the local area, and there is still the promise of plenty of treasure in the area still to be found. Absolutely worth your time and effort to come to explore!

Utilise Colchester as a place to relax and explore as much as a place to discover unique trinkets and baubles. Definitely, a place to check out if you are looking for some added inspiration and sights to see, though.

Many find that Colchester is among the most suitable locations as it allows for an easy jaunt back into town before heading back out to the various hotspots around the town you might wish to check out.

7. Somerset

Aside from its stunning beauty, Somerset is a great place to visit for the avid treasure hunter. You should have no problem at all in enjoying a metal detecting process that captures every opportunity.

Come along and check it out for yourself, and you will see the awesome British countryside paired with the promise of some pretty spectacular finds—a great place to come for camaraderie, countryside, and quality cuisine.

You’ll also find this is a location that is quite hospitable to those who are still learning the ropes with regards to how to go about managing metal detecting properly.

8. English Tour

These tours around England allow for a much broader, wider experience. You will get to see various regions and areas that can feel like different countries to one another. On top of that, you will get to enjoy a lot of variety.

Variety is the spice of life, after all, which does play a big role in helping you to enjoy your time in this particular part of the countryside. Trips can be taken on as packages, or you can take them on individually; the choice is yours.

The only thing you need to do is pack your metal detecting equipment! The tours are varied and diverse, making sure you take in various parts of the country so that you never feel like you are repeating the same trip.

Perfect for eager beginners looking to explore as well as wily veterans looking for that major big find.

9. East Anglia

East Anglia makes a special place to visit as it is home to both amazing countryside and stunning classic architecture. Pair this up with the many towns and villages well worth coming to visit, and it’s easy to love.

Metal detectors will love the sweeping countryside, the busy attractions, and the gluttony of awesome forests, fields, and lakes to check for something special. A great, high-traffic part of the English countryside.

Take a look today and you can find out exactly what you are looking for when it comes to metal detecting tours in one of the most gorgeous parts of the UK countryside.

Hopefully, the above list of metal detecting holidays in the UK has given you a few opportunities and ideas on where to go next.

As we say above, if there are some holidays that you know of that haven’t been overlooked then, by all means, let us know so other detectors like yourself can benefit.

And as always, if you do have any potential questions then please let us know in the comments below - we always look forward to hearing from you.

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