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My Review of the Gray Ghost Amphibian Headphones for Metal Detecting

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Matt is a professional painter who enjoys fishing and metal detecting on the weekend for old coins and rings.


Gray Ghost Amphibian Underwater Headphones

The hobby of metal detecting involves several pieces of gear, but one of the most important items you'll definitely want to buy if you plan on going into the water with your metal detector is a comfortable set of water-proof headphones with a clear signal response.

Most stock headphones that come with a detector are not water-proof, at least that was the case when I bought my Garrett AT Pro, and if you drop them into the water, you'll destroy them.

Garrett sells waterproof headphones for the AT Pro at a reasonable price, but the deal-breaker for me was the fact that they do not have a volume-control knob. The volume on the stock set I have is loud, even at the mid level, but there's a volume knob.

After doing some research, I bought the Gray Ghost headphones and use them exclusively for all of my metal detecting adventures on both land and in the water. I keep the Garrett stock headphones in my vehicle as a backup.

The Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones work with multiple metal detectors, including Minelab, AT Pro, AT Max, and the AT Gold. It's important to make sure your metal detector is compatible so the connectors fit perfectly. These headphones are submersible down to 30 feet, but I don't think I've ever dived down more than three feet with them on my head.


These metal detecting headphones are noticeably more comfortable to wear all day than my stock headphones from Garrett. They fit tighter over my ears than the stock set, but I can still wear them all day without ear pain. The tighter fit also improves the sound quality. The padding is soft and cushions my ears and head.

Using the Headphones Underwater

I've used them underwater multiple times in rivers and lakes without any issues whatsoever. As long as you're using these with a compatible metal detector and it's screwed on tight, the cables attach to the control box perfectly without water seeping in. I always check the cable connections to make sure they're fastened tightly to my detector before submerging them.

While I don't submerge mine in water deeper than three or four feet, I haven't had any problems with water leaking in when wearing them on my head in shallow water. These headphones are all I wear now when metal detecting on land and in the water. The cable is a lot longer than my stock headphones so I can recover my finds easier without pulling on the cord.

Clear Sound

The tonal sound on the Amphibian is a little different than the sound produced by the stock headphones Garrett provides. The sound of each signal is noticeably more clear and defined, which helps with accuracy.

If you've been using stock headphones for a long time, it will take a few outings to get used to the sound difference, but I didn't find this to be a huge difference other than signals beeping more clearly. When metal detecting near heavy traffic or rushing water, I can't hear the beeping with the volume set below five. I usually leave the volume set on seven, which is plenty.

Are the Gray Ghost Headphones Worth It?

The Gray Ghost Amphibian headphones are all I use now for metal detecting with my AT Pro on land and in the water. I've used mine repeatedly since 2018 without experiencing any sound or connection problems. I can go in and out of the water without having to unscrew cables or switch gear.

You can certainly use non water-proof headphones for metal detecting in the water too, but you can't submerge them or the cable connection (where it connects to the control box of the metal detector) without ruining your gear.

How often do I actually stick my head underwater with these on? Rarely, but I bought them mostly for peace of mind not having to worry about damaging them if it suddenly starts raining, or if I accidentally drop them into the water. I also find the sound quality and volume-control to be a big improvement compared to my previous set from Garrett.

I definitely recommend these headphones if you want a waterproof set up for metal detecting in the water, or even on land. As I mentioned earlier, these are compatible with several metal detector models, including Minelab and Garrett.

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