My Review of the Lesche Digging Tool for Metal Detecting

Updated on October 4, 2019
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Matt is a professional painter who enjoys fishing and metal detecting for old coins and relics.

The handheld Lesche digging tool.
The handheld Lesche digging tool.

Lesche Metal-Detecting Spade

Using the right shovel to retrieve your metal detecting finds makes it easier to dig dirt plugs and minimize damage to grass. When I first got into the hobby, I used a spade that came in the bonus pack with my Garrett AT Pro metal detector, but that tool was pretty much useless.

I used a long-handle shovel from my garage for a while before eventually ordering the Lesche digging tool that this review is based on. I own two metal-detecting shovels, one being this spade, and the other being a T-handle digger, both from Lesche. I use the T-handle digger more than this one for a few reasons.

I have mixed feelings about this tool. I still use it when detecting in certain places, but I'll explain what I like and dislike about it.

Cutting Plugs

The serrated blade on the Lesche digging tool is very sharp and can cut through dirt—even rocky dirt— easily with some force. The blade acts like a saw, slicing through grass without making much of a mess.

Gloves are a must with this tool if you're going to dig plugs all day, otherwise you'll end up with blisters. Constantly crouching on your hands and knees to cut plugs with this tool is more fatiguing than using a long-handle shovel designed for metal detecting. With a T-handle shovel, I can easily cut the plug and flip it open while standing up, reducing time spent kneeling.

I can dig deeper plugs with my metal-detecting shovel. I've also scratched my finds more with this spade. You have to be careful because the sharp blade jabs into the dirt easily. I dinged a couple silver coins when retrieving them with this digger.

Small Size

The small size of this digger is nice for metal detecting curb strips and private-property permissions where a full-sized shovel might freak people out. I use it sometimes at new property permissions.

This digger also comes with a sheath for your belt loop, so you don't have to carry it around all day like you would a regular shovel.

Loose Handle

The red rubber handle on mine came loose after using it only a few times, which was annoying because the handle would slide up and down when cutting plugs. I fixed it with some glue, but it was still disappointing that the handle came loose at all, especially after using it for such a short time.

Not long after using this spade, corrosion started forming on the blade. I washed off the dirt and dried it after every use, but it still corroded. The corrosion isn't horrible, but there are some rust spots on the new blade.

Pros and Cons of the Lesche Spade

Sharp blade
Can ding your finds
Good for curb-strips and permissions
Causes blisters if you don't wear gloves
Can be carried on your belt
Harder on body to dig on hands and knees
Less obvious than a full-sized shovel
Doesn't cut as deep as a foot-powered full-sized shovel

Is the Lesche Digging Tool Worth it?

This metal detecting spade is sharp and works well, but it's a lot easier to cut plugs with my T-handle Lesche shovel. It's easier to push a shovel into the ground with your feet than it is to saw with both hands using the spade.

The T-handle shovel cuts deeper plugs,and the target usually ends up inside the plug. When I use the handheld digger, the target is usually still in the ground after I remove the plug.

I still use the handheld digger on occasion. It's a reasonably priced digging tool if you're new to the hobby and don't want to spend more money on a larger shovel.

© 2018 Matt G.


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