Alston Stephanus— The Indonesian Cosplaying Superstar Comes to Orlando to Play

Updated on June 9, 2017

When people think of professional cosplayers, the mega cosplayers of China and Japan come to mind. However there is a growing popularity and respect for cosplaying in Indonesia, and Alston Stephanus is their star. Having already found success at home, he’s now making waves in the United States at Orlando’s MegaCon.

He is bringing diversity and putting Southeast Asia on the map in the Western cosplay world—and doing it with great skill as well! He is, after all, a fashion and accessories designer by trade.

“I think [Indonesian cosplayers] should be noticed by the world.”

— Alston Stephanus

A proud supporter of race-bending and gender-bending cosplays, he and his MegaCon cosplay partner Tana Karo have been showcasing their colorful and heavily tattooed versions of Ash and Misty from Pokemon, Adventure Time’s Finn and Lady Rainicorn, Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen, and finally ginjika gender-bent Zootopia Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

He says showing off his cosplay abroad has been an interesting experience. While many people have heard of and know Indonesia, he is often the first Indonesian person they meet. He wants that to change, and his presence as a popular cosplayer, as well as a designer and social media influencer, may help that. “I think we should be noticed by the world," he says.

Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano
Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano

Stephanus discovered his love for cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and has been hooked ever since. Since then he’s created multiple multi-faceted cosplays from a Megaman R2-D2 mash-up to a steampunk inspired Crocodile from Peter Pan to a gender-bent Princess Mononoke, Maleficent, and Belle from Beauty & the Beast.

Many of his cosplays include videos, from set up of the outfit to dramatic story lines. They’re all professionally filmed and directed and really cement Stephanus as a quality cosplayer.

Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano
Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano

Most recently he was a guest at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 where he not only paneled, sharing his cosplay prowess but met with fans and showcased his impressive Hiro Hamada cosplay. Made of fiberglass, the armor alone took over a year to make. The cosplay has been showcased on multiple sites and is easily one of Alston’s most acclaimed pieces. Next up is San Diego Comic Con and then he’ll appear at Seoul Comic Con, South Korea’s first ever comic con, as a cosplay guest.

Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano
Photo By: Maurizio Cortigiano

Additional past accolades include being a finalist for Disney’s D23 Star Wars Mousequerade and a featured designer at ‘The Masterpiece Strikes Back,’ a fashion show in Jakarta in association with LucasFilm in lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

About Alston Stephanus

Alston Stephanus is a world renowned cosplayer born in Singapore and raised in Indonesia. His talents and workmanship comes from his background as the founder and creative director of Alston Stephanus Accessories, a Jakarta-based fashion boutique producing elaborate haute couture fashion accessories.


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