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How the Average Joe Rolls a Joint

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Legalization of weed has helped many medical experts and weed enthusiasts come together, and a new array of products, smoking equipment, and marijuana knowledge is surfacing.

I am a traveler and a smoker! This gives me chances to interact with fellow potheads all around the world. This has some hidden benefits too! I have picked up some great out-of-option hacks from places that I won't tell. Go explore the world yourself, people!

How to Roll a Joint

This hack is detailed and will help you roll up a joint anywhere, anytime with just a few handy household items.

Let’s begin with this. First, let me tell you that for this hack, you do not have the luxury of crushers, grinders, and filters. All you have is your bare hands, some random household stuff, and your creativity.

Here is what you need initially:

  • A light-colored paper base
  • Rolling paper
  • A cylindrical pencil (thin one)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A cut top of a cigarette packet
  • And your stash of weed (I have Kerala Gold here!)

1. Let Your Hands Do the Crushing

This is an ideal way of getting raw herb nubs ready for smoking. I know that at many places, you get material that can just be picked up and rolled up, but trust me, this will come in handy.

I have Kerala Gold strain over here. I use my fingers to crush it gently. It also activates the THC in the herb and gives you a refreshing smoking experience.

Keep crushing and removing unwanted debris like seeds and stems. Try reaching the consistency in the following image.


2. Make the Filter or What the Pros Call It: A Smoking Roach

What do you do when you unknowingly run out of filters? Don’t worry; this one is a neat trick.

Just cut of a top of a cigarette packet. You should get a rectangle like the one below.


You can use your pair of scissors to sharpen the edges, even out both sides, and form a perfect rectangle. A standard shape is always perfect as it allows physics to run smoothly and provide you with enough filtered smoke for an excellent experience.

How Do I Get It Rolled into a Filter?

Remember those stationary guys who rub off knife edges against ribbons to curl them up? Well, we are going to do something similar. Just take the sharp edge of the scissors and swipe it across the rectangle as in the image below.


Now in swift action, just raze the scissor across the paper towards the other end. Do this 5–6 times but gently. If you apply too much force, the paper might tear off, and you will have to everything again. If you did it right, you will get something like in the image below.


After this, you just need some basic origami skills to roll it into a perfect filter like the one below.


3. Now You Can Start Rolling

It is quite easy now. I think most of us can take it from here. Just slide in your rolling paper and wrap it partially around the filter to allow room for the herb mixture.


Start by gently filling out the base so that the entire structure becomes stronger. Add more herbs outwards to make an even funnel.


Now don’t we all know what to do? Just use your tongue to lick it, and roll her up. To make the structure rigid and the consistency smooth on the inside, hold the joint vertically and give it gentle but firm taps on a hard surface.


Now all that is left is filling up the remaining funnel and sealing it up.

Hurrah! Your Average Joe Joint is ready, and I must say, it looks neat.


I personally find this method very handy, especially while I am travelling. You don’t get facilities like home everywhere. Therefore, I guess this might come in handy for you guys too.

I didn’t do it right on my first attempt. I have to tell you, this takes some practice, but who understands that better than us?

Use the hack, enjoy the joint, and think free!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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