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Model Railroading


Reviewing "Traction Planbook" by Carstens Publications

A review of a book that traction (trolley, streetcar) scratchbuilders should have in their model railroad libraries.


Reviewing "Traction Handbook for Model Railroads" by Paul Mallery

A review of a book that traction (trolley, streetcar, LRV) modelers should have in their model railroading libraries.


Traction Guidebook for Model Railroaders: Review

A candid review of a rare model railroading book about trolleys, streetcar, trams, and other traction.


Small Layout Scrapbook by Carl Arendt: A Review

A review of "Carl Arendt's Small Layout Scrapbook," a collection of plans, pics, and information about micro-layouts in different model railroading scales.


5 Track Planning Books That Belong in Your Model Railroad Library

Five recommended track planning books from my own library to help you plan your own model railroad layout.


How to Build a Model Modern Footbridge in OO Gauge

Modern railway footbridge is very different from those found in the days of steam. Elevator towers are the biggest change, and they transformed the appearance. A footbridge is key on most model railway layouts.


Building a Modern Coffee Shop in OO Gauge

I am continuing to create modern buildings for my 21st century modern model railway. Here is my next challenge: the ubiquitous coffee shop. Costa creates some of the best. I hope you enjoy reading.


Building a Model of the Modern Island Waiting Room in OO Gauge

In this article, I building an OO gauge model of an ultra-modern waiting room on an island platform. This example is seen at Peterborough Station, UK.


Model Railway Motive Power Depots

This article covers model railway motive power depots (MPDs), including many variations. Railways had large and small MPDs.


Planning a Model Train Layout

Planning a model train layout will require time and effort to avoid making serious mistakes. Design a simple and realistically working model to accommodate the scale size of the train and its tracks.


My HO Model Railroad Layout

Take a tour of my HO model railroad. Set in the 1950s, my mid-sized layout features around-the-wall construction and a good 'nuff level of modeling. Mostly, it is a lot of fun.


Model Train N Scale 2x4 Double Oval Track Plans

Just because you only have a small space available—in this case, 2x4 feet—that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy N scale continuous running! Try out this double oval track plan.


Model Train N-Scale Track Plans for Shelf Layouts

Learn all about N-scale track plans for shelf layouts. Perhaps some of these designs will inspire you to finally build your own pike.


Online Model Trolley Resources

This article contains a list of model trolley resources to inspire you.


Best Model Train and Railroad Websites

Take a break from whatever you are doing and enjoy perusing one of these wonderful online model train sites.


4x8 Train Layout Plans in HO Scale

One of the easiest and best ways to get started in model railroading is with a 4x8 train layout in HO scale. Get some track planning ideas here.