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Podcaster Predicts the New “Avatar” Game Will Flop

He has a point.

The new Avatar movie hit theaters fairly recently and while many lauded it as one of the most visually impressive and stunning films, perhaps of all times, the story itself was a bit of a letdown. Most complained that it felt like a rehash of the original, though there were still others who praised it for its focus on the new, Maori-like clan and other elements that really helped set it apart.

But that is the movie, and this is about the game. Oh, you didn’t know an Avatar game was coming out? It is indeed, but at least Insight.GamingNews suggests, it is likely to be a big flop.


So why is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora considered a potential massive flop?

Well, for one it is created by Ubisoft. Now, this is a giant game developer and they’ve created some pretty awesome games in the past, but nothing really along the lines of this new Avatar feature. In fact, Divisions 1 and 2 are perhaps the closest scale-wise, but nothing comes even close when we are talking about the games thematically.

Furthermore, while the concept is a solid one and the visuals are bound to be stunning, there are also a TON of questions in regard to gameplay. No, really. There are people who have already stated that if they aren’t able to free-fly their Ikran, they will riot. But what is the storyline going to be like? How long will the game be? What is the goal, and how will they both tie in and stand separate from the movies?

All of these questions are raging in the game community, and so far, Ubisoft has remained silent. The game itself was also recently delayed until early this year from late last year, which rarely inspires confidence.

But I guess it is really a ‘wait and see’ game at this point so… What else are we going to do?