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Man Turns Batman Funko Pop into a Cute Snow Globe

Even better, you can DIY it!

If you have been even tangentially into nerd culture over the past decade or so then you likely know what Funko pops are. These small plastic figures, molded to replicate popular (and not so popular) characters from all sorts of franchises, some quite a bit obscure, have exploded in popularity over the past while. And it’s obvious to see why - they’re fairly cheap, easily collectible, and look good.

There’s also plenty of things that you can do with them and display them in interesting ways. Case in point this awesome Batman snow globe from TikTok creator TJ of TJsToyRoom!


What is super cool about this creator and his channel is how much nerd craft stuff he makes, and plenty of it is easily DIY’able even if you are like me and you aren’t too skilled at doing that sort of stuff.

For this cool DIY, you need to grab a snowglobe base, the funko pop of your choice, maybe a spray paint or two, and some batteries for some lights. Grab your snowglobe first and make sure that your pop will fit, then spray paint or paint the base to the color you want it to be.

Create a new base for your pop using the original plastic packaging of the Pop, then flip your snow globe upside down and fill it with the snow globe mix of your choice. You can find plenty of recipes online - just look for and make something that won’t melt your plastic overtime. Then drop your Pop in, making sure all the airbubbles are out, and seal it all up.

Wrap it up by putting the globe back into the base, adding the lights and batteries, and there you have it! A super cool Funko snow globe that can have any characters you personally want inside it!