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Woman Ditches All Her Board Game Boxes and Comes Up with Genius Alternative

It freed up a lot of space.

Now, I would like to start this whole thing off by saying that I one hundred percent love board games. I have plenty of them scattered throughout my house and stuffed in plenty of closets, just waiting for the chance to pull it out and play it with friends and family. Emphasis on them being stuffed everywhere and anywhere that they can be fit into.

Luckily for me, and you too if you are anything like me, Alex of GreyCedarHome over on TikTok has a solution that could free up a ton of room!


When you think of your favorite board game - what do you think about the most? Hopefully, it is all the fun that you have had with said board, but what about all those darn pieces? And making sure that they are all together for the next time that you go to pull said game out.

(I am looking at you, Mouse Trap…)

But one way to make storage so much easier is to just get rid of all those bulky boxes! Yep, that’s right - toss them all out… But not before cutting off tags and labels, you’ll want to save those. Why? Because you’re going to get large zipper mesh bags and you are going to store your game pieces in them instead!

Doing this method will allow you to collect, keep, and store all of your games in a much more collected manner. They’re more easily stackable or hangable, and all you have to do is attach the leftover tag or label so you always know which game is which!

Try it out next time you get fed up with all of your games taking up your closet, and thank me later for the introduction!