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Woman Makes Gorgeous Cinderella Transformation Dress

No “bippity-bobbity-boo” required.

When you think about Cinderalla, what is one of the biggest things you think of? Is it the way she was treated by her family after her dad passed? What about that glass slipper that gets left behind as the deus ex machina for the entire situation? Or, if you watched the Disney animated movie, was it that epic transformation from dirty and dusty work clothes to epic ball gown?

Well, for stage actress Sydney, it was that very gown and how she could recreate it in stunning, yet real life, fashion!


Now, because this is done on stage, the true transformation from rags-to-riches has to be done in practical fashion, meaning no Fairy Godmother’s involved. What this means for Sydney is that she had to make both outfits, as well as figure out how to transform from one to the other.

How did she do that?

Simple, by using same clothing transformation techniques used pretty much since stage shows began. You start with a larger than usual starting outfit but the second outfit is cleverly disguised underneath it. Then, with a few careful pulls, the top outfit falls down, revealing the bottom outfit, and with a couple twirls and whirls you can make it seem like the whole thing is ‘transforming’ when really it’s just folding down!

The creativity here is making the whole thing seem and appear seamless, rather than struggling to get everything rolled down, and we get to see Sydney dance across the stage and, in a single twirl, go from ‘servant’ to someone who would catch the prince’s eye!

Kudos for creativity!