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This Family Friendly Party Game Is a Fun Challenge for All

It's like team building, but fun!

It seems like whenever I go out to a gathering with family and friends; there is usually that one person who tries to get everyone to participate in some kind of game or activity. And, sadly, usually, these activities aren’t nearly as fun as what I am assuming said person was hoping they would be when they pulled them off of Google or wherever.

But occasionally, there are a few games that actually make sense and are fun at the same time, such as this one that I was recently introduced to by TikTok creator Getti of Gettishow!


So for this game, essentially you are going to want to grab a bunch of people, some plastic cups, a blindfold, and a bit of cash. From there all you have to do is set up a small obstacle course, tossing the different dollar amounts under the different cups flipped upside down.

Next line up the people on one side of the obstacle course and choose the first person to go, then blindfold them. They’ll then have to step through the cups with the intent to crush, which makes it extra fun. Each person walks through the course and whatever cup they stomp on, that’s the amount of money that they can walk away with.

You can easily see why this is fun for all, but you can take it up a whole other level by adding one extra step - an egg under a few of the cups. That means that every stomp has a chance of landing on some money, or with an egg smushed into the floor. I would definitely recommend doing this somewhere easy to clean, but other than that, have fun!