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This Rant Proves that DnD Monks are, Essentially, Broken

200 feet a turn up a wall... How.

So when we talk about Dungeons and Dragons, plenty of times we are talking about what class is the best to play, or at least which one we personally prefer. We might also, on occasion, rant about which classes are a bit more overpowered, at least under specific circumstances.

Case in point, TikTok creator and DnD player Sitford’s entertaining, and sadly truthful, rant about the ‘Monk’ class.


Monks are, in essence, a melee fighting class that focuses a bit more on dexterity and speed rather than pure strength. At base level they use simple weapons, think staves as well as their fists, rather than swords and axes. But they can be devastating, especially in the right hands.

And the right circumstances.

And plenty of those circumstances involve speed. Especially when you combine that speed with certain classes that emphasize said speed. Take the Tabaxi race, which is a cat-based race already known for its speed and agility. At level five alone a Tabaxi monk would be able to move one hundred feet in a single turn, thanks to their class and race abilities.

Now, double that using dash, and you have a character that can leave all others behind with a movement speed of two hundred feet per turn. Now, I don’t know if you can picture that but it is fast. Damn fast. Not to mention there are plenty of other ‘add-ons’ that can be used to increase that even further.

So, please. Tell me that the Monks aren’t broken - I’ll wait.