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Man Concocts Genius Way to Store Mini D&D Figures

And it looks great, too!

If you play DnD, or perhaps are a DM, then you likely have at least a few miniatures lying around. It could be character figures, or even enemies that you’ve collected over time, maybe some trees and various rocks to help add some visual elements to your game. But, after those games, what do you do with them?

Well, as one TikTok creator nicknamed MasteroftheGameRP has pointed out, there are plenty of clever storage solutions that you could be using starting almost immediately!


Now, I know plenty of people who just toss their minis in willy-nilly into whatever space or bag they can find. That is all well and good, but it really isn’t practical in the long term, and why would you risk damaging something that you spent time and money on when you could upgrade to something both safer and much nicer looking?

So what you will want to find is at Ikea (because what isn’t at Ikea anymore these days), which is called the Kvissel paper tray. These paper trays have stacking and removable trays that easily slide in and out and, even better, also fit neatly into most cubing that you typically see on shelving units.

The best part about this whole setup, besides the fact that they can easily store most smaller figures and keep them neatly up and organized, is the fact that these trays aren’t going to break your bank either. So buy a few, line them up on your shelves, then add all the miniatures that you can. Simply slide out the trays when needed and transport them as usual.

Of course, they won’t really store your massive minis, so that’s something else we’ll have to figure out!