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Possible Upcoming D&D Restrictions Are Upsetting Streamers

This is crazy!

DnD has gained a mass following, and that has only exploded recently thanks to the increased attention paid to a lot of fantasy and gaming properties, as well as high-profile streaming shows such as Critical Role, Dimension 20, High Rollers, and more.

But no good thing lasts, or so it seems, and there might be some major controversy coming straight from Wizards of the Coast, as TikTok creator CrystalBallWizard explains!


Essentially this huge controversy all boils down to one thing - the DnD’s Open Game License, which is what allows all of us to play, use game rules, stream, etc. the game itself without having to pay fees or licensing rights back to Wizards of the Coast. It has been this way since the 2000s, when the game got its first iteration of the OGL.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to some, but essentially these rules changes will mean that anyone who makes money off of their DnD games over a certain amount ($750,000) will have to pay a royalty fee to Wizards of the Coast as well as anyone who monetizes their DnD games or related items will have to report that monetization to WotC.

This may not affect the typical creator, but your favorite publishers, streamers, and more might very well see a huge shake up when it comes to their products! Even if you aren’t making over that listed amount above, any and every creator will have to register and start stating how much they make.

To be honest, it’s more worrying for what it could potentially mean for the future, but luckily WotC is already saying they could be walking back these rules.