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Man Discovers Second Players Can Play as Ducks In Duck Hunt

Wait... what?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of retro games that plenty of us remember quite fondly, even love more than some of the current games of today. It could be because Mario or Sonic was the first game you ever played, or maybe you loved Halo for the ability to connect with friends and kill (and even t-bag) your enemies!

One particularly beloved game happens to be Duck Hunt, and to this day people such as ThreeTimesOG are still figuring out there are a couple new, or at least new to them, things they can learn about this decades-old game!


Now, the OG Duck Hunter is pretty much the epitome of classic. The light shooter came out all the way back in 1984, was one of the most popular games of its time, and is still played fairly frequently by games enthusiasts even today.

The idea is that you are playing the eponymous ‘duck hunter’, heading out into the marshlands with your ‘trusty’ dog, who jumps into the grass and flushes out the ducks, which then fly across the screen. You then aim and shoot with a controller slash gun, hoping to hit each duck so they fall to the ground, earning you points.

So, one thing that some people might know, and others might not, is the fact that you can actually play as one of the ducks in the game. That’s right, the second player (which some people didn’t even know you COULD have a second player), can control the flying ducks rather than the hunter.

This creates a whole ‘other’ level of interest and fun to the already interesting game, especially if you make it a competition between you and your friend - the hunter and the hunter.