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Kids Think Nerdy Mom Has No Idea What Fanfiction Is... Oh, How Wrong They Are.

They got a lesson.

So, kids everywhere tend to think that they are the ones who came up with something first, and ‘nerdom’ is no different. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had someone younger than I come to me with this cool idea or this thing that they’ve just discovered that is ‘so totally awesome’, but that I’ve known about for years.

And I am not the only one! In fact, Ruthie of RuthieLovesCoffee pretty much summed up this exact experience with her own kids, with special surprise by her husband, in a recent TikTok video!


Now, Ruthie’s kids recently came to her, and they were talking about something that is fairly popular in nerd and geek circles - fanfiction. If you don’t know what fanfiction is, well, it’s people writing stories about their favorite characters in settings and stories that might never have existed in the actual show or books. It’s huge, and I’ve read plenty of fanfictions that I highly prefer to actual books!

Of course, Ruthie’s kids think that their mother has NO idea what fanfiction is, only to get thoroughly schooled when she says that not only does she know what fanfiction is - she actually wrote some all the way back when fanfiction was still a relatively new thing, aka back in the 1990s.

They immediately want to know what pseudonym she wrote under, but she tauntingly holds it away from them. Admittedly she also knows that old fanfics aren’t… the best, considering they were from over twenty years ago, and she issues the challenge that they’ll never be able to figure out what her name was.

A name that her husband manages to figure out in less than five minutes and a quick search. Apparently, this amazing man remembered an obscure fact about his wife from over a decade ago and was able to tie that together to her username. Should Ruthie be scared of him? Probably just a bit, but I’m just impressed!