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Jensen Ackles Had the Best Response to Fan Question About Encountering the Paranormal

He's a bit over-confident, but it works.

Supernatural has long been popular with fans, and that popularity hasn’t declined even now that the show has ended. I’d like to say that a ton of that popularity isn’t solely because the show itself is amazing (and it is), but also because of the showrunners, namely the trio of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins.

Jensen, in particular, is known for his sense of humor and quick wit, as evidenced during an interview where he answered TikTok creator and Supernatural fan Kelli’s question on whether or not he’d ever come across a real-life supernatural experience.


So the question in, well… question, happens to be whether or not the Supernatural star has ever had a real-life close encounter with something from ‘beyond’, aka a supernatural experience of some sort.

And of course Jensen answers with his own particular brand of humor, saying that he likely had at least once or twice but he’s also had nearly two decades of ‘training’ on set as a certified badass and hunter of all things dark and spooky, and that’s given him a rather… over inflated sense of security when it comes to the supernatural.

Essentially what he is saying is that he doesn’t quite respond the way a typical person would. Rather than being creeped out by things that go bump in the night, Jensen is actually rather amped up and, dare I say it, almost looking forward to the experience. He puts it in more colorful terms, because he’s Jensen mother-heckin Ackles and of course he does, but you’ll have to check out the actual answer in the video!

As for me, well… I’ve watched all of Supernatural, but I’d probably still go running and screaming for the salt before high-tailing it out of the house. So, there you go.