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This Giant Switch Themed Gaming 'Television' Will Make Any Gamer Swoon

No, seriously... this is amazing.

Sometimes there are things that just make us, as gamers, absolutely jealous. And it is something different for each of us, even though there are certain big things that we can all agree are just really, really cool.

Case in point, this absolutely EPIC Switch-themed, full-rig gamer television by Brian Shae that has absolutely ever gamer I know absolutely drooling over just how cool this thing is.


Now, at first it doesn’t look like there is ‘too’ much going on, even though the look itself is totally awesome. The tv, wall mounted, is surrounded by a frame that makes it look like a gigantic Switch is up on the wall. This includes a red and blue ‘controller’ on each side, and a glossy black frame.

But this is where things get interesting.

You see, with a single flick of a switch from standing across the room, Brian can make both side panels slide out, as well as the bottom panel that is mostly hidden behind the television itself. Each of the side panels has various retro game controllers and consoles, including an N64 and a Gamecube as well as decades-older consoles, each completed by a rotating deck of various controllers for each.

There are even MORE consoles in the bottom panel, as well as a charging port for your phone that you can literally just put it on top and leave it, then come back later for a fully charged phone! Not to mention all of the games, wires, and everything else you’d need to play!

As one commenter points out, there are some people that say that money can’t buy happiness, but in my opinion (and theirs), this video obviously proves differently!