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Twitch Streamer Makes Hysterical “High On Life” Discovery


Gamers are constantly finding something new, interesting, exciting, disgusting, or just downright ‘wierd’ when it comes to the games they play. Heck, there are people who are, to this day, figuring out things from the earliest games, such as secret rooms and levels or hidden dialogue that is tucked down deep inside the source code.

Case in point, this hilarious reveal came from Redshell Clips during his playthrough of High On Life.


Now, if you’ve never heard about High On Life, it’s a pretty… humorous game, though it’s also certainly on the crass side of things. This makes sense, considering that it comes from the creators of the popular television show Rick and Morty. And if you know anything about that show you know exactly what kind of jokes you are getting yourself in for.

There are also plenty of hidden, and not so hidden, easter eggs throughout, including this one that Redshell came across. You see, in the storyline there are some giant aliens that have already pretty much destroyed much of earth and you, the main character, have become a sort of bounty hunter seeking revenge with a gun that makes fart and wiener jokes.

But at one point you have the alien cornered and he threatens you with the life of the two people you ‘love the most’. However, instead of being your parents or some other close-to-you figures, the two people that pop up are… Jack Black and Susan Sarandon.

Yep, apparently you are so in love with these two actors that you are willing to give up your revenge and everything else solely for them… Or are you? I guess you’ll have to play through yourself to find out!