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Dad Tests Out “Gorilla Tag” to Make Sure It’s Safe for Son to Play and Ends Up Fully Immersed in the Game

His inner child came out to play!

VR headsets are, perhaps, one of the greatest inventions that have come to the gaming industry in a while. Not necessarily just because of what they are in the here and now, but also because there is so much potential going forwards! Part of that involves games that even children can be involved in, though parents should always be cautious over what games and apps their children have access to.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t get to have fun in doing so, as Chanel Law’s husband proves while making sure that a popular VR game was age-appropriate for their kiddo.


The game in question just so happens to be Gorilla Tag which, honestly, I had to look up. However, all it takes is a description to be able to get a basic understanding of what is going on - namely that you play as a gorilla in several different areas, and your goal is to either tag or be tagged.

Sounds pretty simple, but also pretty fun!

It is also typically populated with a younger age demographic, though of course this dad still wanted to check everything out. And he gets into it, like, really into it. In fact his inner child makes a quick appearance as he starts getting into the game, running around and acting like the namesake gorilla and obviously having some great fun the whole time.

For me it is just great to see someone so involved in a game that they let go of all their expectations and ‘adultiness’, really allowing themselves to actually let loose and have fun in such a childlike way.