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Kourtney Borman


Newswriter, HobbyLark

Though her head may sometimes be stuck in the clouds, Kourtney Borman is someone who is absolutely dedicated to bringing her creativity to life. Writing has always been a passion in her life ever since she was a young child, and she brings that same drive and dedication to both her copy and creative writing for HobbyLark.


  • Kourtney has been a nerd before being nerdy was cool, from drawing before she could talk to watching all the Anime she could after rushing home from school. She loves finding, and sharing, random and obscure facts from every corner of Geek culture, and trivia nights are her Friday-night go-to!
  • From Overwatch to OG Sailor Moon, binging the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in a single day every couple of months, to rewatching that one episode of Star Trek just to watch Captain Picard’s expressions - Kourtney LOVES all things Geeky. Her recent obsession with D&D has grown and she’s started delving into making her own minis, and she hopes to eventually write her own fantasy series set in a universe of her own making.
  • When not working, Kourtney is usually hunting down obscure and random history facts to throw quizzes at her family members, handing her son a never-ending stream of popcorn, and totally owning her opponents through online gaming.
  • “Never give up - never surrender.”