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Man Scores Ultimate Vintage Lego Haul from Rich Woman

What he got is pretty incredible.

Legos have been a major item for collectors pretty much since the stackable bricks came onto the scene all the way back in 1949. That’s almost a century since the creation of said bricks, meaning there are plenty of chances for collectors to get their hands on rare and different bricks and sets.

But there are still occasional rare situations that a collector, such as Ken of BaltimoreBrickWorks, finds themselves in where they get the chance of a lifetime to get their hands on some bricks they never expected to find!


Now, apparently, Ken was out hunting for bricks as he normally does when he spotted an ad from an older lady in town. But she wasn’t just an older lady, she was also a multi-millionaire, living in a literal million-dollar mansion. He originally paid around a hundred and twenty-five dollars for two big boxes of Legos, but he had to wait to get home to really unload everything and see what was in his haul.

Of course, when asked where the Legos were going to, Ken had to lie and agree that they were going to his son. After all, sometimes older people are a bit ‘iffy’ about where their stuff goes to and can be a bit… judgmental as well.

Once able to dive into his haul, Ken finds a bunch of vintage shields that are actually pretty rare, and still in extremely good condition. There’s also pieces of Queen Anne’s Revenge, a discontinued set that easily goes for over a thousand dollars on its own. Each of the pieces sells for a decent bit of money, meaning that Ken more than likely easily made back his money (if not more) just from this one collection that had been just sitting, probably hidden away in a closet, for who knows how long.