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Someone Remade the New “Mario” Trailer in the N64 Style and Fans Already Want a Reboot

It's a true classic.

I don’t know how old you are or what kind of person you grew up as, but I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard of Mario at least some point in your life. It is a huge franchise and one of the earliest games that many of us can remember playing, back when everything was super pixelated and poor Mario was all of five pixels total (I kid - he was actually sixteen by twelve).

And with a movie based on said character coming out next year, you can bet that there is some renewed interest in the series as a whole. Case in point, someone recreated the entire trailer in one of the most beloved Mario games ever, as IGN shows off!


The original video is credited to King Bob Gaming over on Youtube, and personally, there’s something about the old school look that just hits really hard as opposed to the newer, sleeker version. Of course the new version looks amazing, there’s no denying that, it is just… different.

And when I say that the whole thing was recreated, I absolutely mean it.

From the first few seconds of the trailer to the last, every single step has been redone in the N64 engine, complete with all its pixelations and eccentricities. This even includes Princess Peach’s new warrior outfit as well as her halberd, something we’ve never gotten in game as of yet but now I am so, so hoping will come out in the future.

Sure, the characters are a little expressionless (hey, give the N64 credit, it worked with what it had), but the spirit, the characters, the flair - it’s all there! There’s even the mega iconic rainbow road shot at the end which takes me right back to a time when I nailed by brothers with a turtle for a come-from-behind win.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I wished the whole movie was made in this style, but I can admit that the whole thing is pretty darn awesome!