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This Cosplayer's First Award Winning Cosplay is Stunning

Monster Hunter Cosplay? Yes, please!

Cosplay, at least to me, is a huge test of skill. Unless you are buying every single piece from off of the internet or you know someone who is able to sew, create weapons, and do all of the other little bits and bobs involved, you are going to spend a lot of time, money, and effort.

But it tends to be worth it, such as with this amazing Monster Hunter-inspired armor, lovingly recreated by Delaney of Syph.Stiches!


Now, this isn’t Delaney’s first cosplay. But, as she does tells us, it is her very first award-winning one (and you can easily see why after just a few seconds of seeing all the effort that goes into this piece!)

The armor, and weapon, are based on the Odogaron (a type of monster in the game), and there is a TON of detailing that has to go into each and every piece. There’s a wrist-mounted crossbow launcher, leg pauldrons, chest and waist pieces, as well as an absolutely HUGE sword that is nearly as big as Delaney herself is.

And while the armor looks great up close, it looks simply stunning from a distance where you can really see the movement and flow of the armor and sword all taken together. There’s even a mask that goes along with it, sort of samurai-esque and perfectly matching the in-game version, and I can’t help but imagine just how much time went into carving all that foam.

Not to mention how much it probably smelt in the moment! But luckily it was all more than worth it, especially since Delaney managed to snag an award for her efforts!