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Woman’s Mom Scores “Ancient” Fast Food Toy Collection and It’ll Definitely Trigger Some Memories

Oh the nostalgia.

I don’t know about you but there are plenty of toys and things from my childhood that I still wished I had lying around. In fact, there are a few My Little Pony toys that I am pretty sure I had that would net me a pretty penny if I still had them in decent shape today. But unfortunately neither I, nor my parents, had the foresight to save things when I was a kid, so those toys are lost to me.

So imagine how you would feel if your parent went to a local yard sale, only to find a huge toy collection of really old McDonald’s toys. Well, this is exactly what happened with TikTok creator Laken, and she was happy to show off all the cool things her mom found in said ‘haul’.


When I saw that this collection is decently large, I mean it. There are multiples of many of the toys, and they entirely cover the kitchen table that Laken has brought them home and displayed them out on.

There are old plastic toy drinks that are actually Changeables - a line of mini toys that were McDonald’s promotional tie in to the Transformers movie that was originally released back in 1990, along with the ice cream and Happy Meal!

You should also be able to spot some Mario tie in toys, pull-back cars from multiple different franchises ranging from Snow White to 101 Dalmations and Looney Tunes, and even the Raisins figures! Seriously, this whole collection just threw me right back into the best days of the 90s when all I was worried about was getting that one toy I was missing from my current collection, and I think I may need to start heading out to some yard sales more often!