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Overwatch Players Prove That They Can Be Nice Too (Sometimes)

A little niceness goes a long way.

Overwatch has been known for not exactly having a ton of the… nicest players out there. In fact, Overwatch, as well as other shooters, has gotten quite the reputation for the exact opposite, with some of the most toxic people you can find online. Sadly, it is a common issue among shooters, considering the competitive nature of the game and the sheer amount of people playing it on a daily basis.

But there are occasional nice spots at the same time, such as when gamer and TikTok creator Kryrena and her entire team decided to help out a poor Lucio who had gotten left behind by his team.


Leaving during a game just because you are losing, aka rage quitting, has and always will be a big issue when it comes to shooters. This is especially true in ‘competitive’ mode where the person left behind is at a severe disadvantage due to sheer number difference. Even the best players in the world can find it hard to make it up the gap, much less the typical person.

During this video, one poor enemy Lucio, a healer who gets around on skates, is left behind by his entire team with them dropping pretty quickly after a single lost round. Now, normally this would mean griefing the player who stays behind, getting easy kills again and again because… well, that’s just what most Overwatch players do.

But Kryrena and her team do the exact opposite - gathering up and giving the enemy Lucio a chance to get Play of the Game by booping, or pushing, them all off the bridge at one time. This doesn’t exactly go right the first time, with half the team accidentally winding up on a passing boat instead of in the drink, but a second time gets it all taken care of and we are all left with an appreciation for players who understand the real spirit of the game.