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This is a Super Simple and Cool Way to Connect Your Cosplay Props

Why did we never think of that?

When it comes to cosplay, there is a LOT going on. There has to be. Between all the different pieces that have to come together, from armor to clothing to weapons and more, you have to keep track of a hundred, if not thousands, things going on seemingly all at once.

To make your life (hopefully) a little bit easier, here is a simple cosplay hack from JessicaJSKA that could make connecting cosplay props that little bit easier for you!


So, to make this hack work you really only need one simple thing, on top of your actual cosplay pieces, of course. And that is - the simple bottle. Get yourself a bottle that will fit inside of your cosplay piece, strip off any plastic or paper labels, then make sure it is totally clean. This step is pretty important because you do NOT want something moldy and gross on the inside of your piece!

Now, take the two pieces that you want to be able to connect and disconnect, and put the bottle end with the larger piece and the cap with the smaller one. Then simply drill a hole on both sides that fit said ends, and attach it with hot glue!

The bottle end should, hopefully, fit inside of the larger end, while the bottle cap might need a little more fidgeting. You want to make sure that the bottle’s screw end sticks out just enough, and that the bottle cap’s end is flush, that way the two pieces connect seamlessly when screwed into one another.

Now, this is great simply for attaching things, and can make your pieces capable of being made smaller and thus easier to store away when not in use, but you could also use it for another important purpose - storage! If your cosplay doesn’t have a place to store small items, such as a bit of cash, etc - you can toss it into the bottle end and you are good to go!