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This “Procreate” Hack Is a Great Way to Expand Your Skill Set

Digital artwork that can work with the vibe of any room...

There are tons of different ways to create art, from traditional paint and canvas to all the different digital tools that are available nowadays. In fact, digital tools and digital art have become a major boon to many, especially since said tools can be fairly affordable in the long run as compared to more traditional methods.

Case in point, the art program Procreate on the iPad. This art program is amazing, highly responsive, and best of all, there are plenty of tutorials out there, such as this one from Emmet of PleaseDropOut, that make learning the program so much easier!


One of the absolute best things about Procreate is all the little tips and tricks it has, including the one that Emmet is sharing today. Now, if you’re anything like me then you love to sketch and create art, but sometimes coming up with the colors for said art can be a bit… difficult.

But what if you could get inspiration from the very world around you?

That is exactly what you are able to do through this tiny hack. All you have to do is go to a new canvas and open up your color selector. Follow that by going to the palette selection, and there should be a button that brings up the ability to create a new color palette, new from camera, etc.

You will choose the new from camera option, and that will automatically bring up your iPad’s camera and from there you can point it at anything that catches your fancy. You could point it at your couch, blanket, outside, anything that has colors that look good to you. From there you can save it as a file for use later, making it super easy to always have a really cool palette for future art!