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You Could Literally Be Breaking Your PS5 Doing Something You Thought Was Right

Lay your PS5 down immediately.

Do you have a Playstation Five? If so tell me quickly, without looking, what direction you have it facing? You may not think about it too much beyond which way makes it look better (and the answer is standing upright, obviously), but did you know that your answer may have a drastic effect on the performance and even longevity of your Playstation?

It’s true! I’ll let the creator over at Vivid_Discord help explain this in a little bit more detail.


So, essentially what is going on is that the Playstation 5, while advertised and even shown as being able, even recommended, to be positioned facing upright, actually… isn’t really capable of doing so in the long term.

That’s right, if you currently have your PS5 in the upright position, do yourself a favor and go take off the stand and lay it down on its side. This situation appears to be caused by a design flaw in the interior of the machine itself, meaning its something that is likely to occur over time through simple use, not because of anything else you actively do, or don’t do.

The design flaw is all due to a liquid metal layer which, originally, was intended to help dissipate heat between the main chip that runs the machine and the heat sink itself. Unfortunately, when the PS5 is in the upright position, the heat and metal combo allows the metal to actually melt even further and start slipping down into places it shouldn’t go.

Which, if you didn’t know, is a bad, bad thing. As in, if this metal starts to run, not only is it going to go places it shouldn’t, it also won’t be able to complete its intended purpose of keeping the whole thing cool, which could in turn lead to some major performance problems and even your whole PS5 going on the fritz.

So, just go ahead and lay it down. Better safe than sorry, after all.