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Man Catches Shiny Pokémon for His Partner and the Whole Thing Is Adorable

Operation shiny Psyduck is a go!

When it comes to the Pokemon games, there are plenty of things to do. Beyond beating the game itself, you can breed and train and raise and hunt specific Pokemon. One thing that has become rather popular is hunting the ‘shiny’ version of specific Pokemon, essentially sparkly and differently colored variants of the normal types.

But these hunts don’t always end in success and can be quite frustrating. Luckily some people have partners out there, such as streamer BradG312, who are willing to step in and lend a helping hand!


So the story goes that Brad’s partner has recently been playing the new Pokemon game, which actually has an open-world vibe plus a ‘swarm’ spawn that makes shiny hunting a little bit more interesting, though no less hard. She’s been hunting for a shiny Psyduck for a while now, but unfortunately has come up with a giant goose egg each time.

Well, one day while she was off doing something else, Brad decides that he’s going to play for a while and stumbled across a Psyduck swarm. By going in and out of the area he could reset the swarm, meaning that he was being given infinite chances to hopefully catch a Psyduck.

And, eventually, as if by the grace of Arceus itself, the shiny blue duck finally pops up. He catches it and then trades it to his partner’s computer, all with the intent of surprising her the next morning. Sadly we don’t get a reaction from her, just his excited (and trying to be quiet) squeal of utter joy at being able to do this for her, but hopefully we will in the near future!

Time for me to get back to hunting - I’ve got a shiny Eevee to catch!