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500+ Best Group Names for Party Games

Ansel loves coming up with names, whether it's a funny name for a team or a cute name for your new pet squirrel!

Playing a party game and need a cool name for your team? Pick one of these!

Playing a party game and need a cool name for your team? Pick one of these!

Funny and Catchy Team Names for Playing Party Games

Simple party games have become exceedingly popular over the years. Team games or group games are often a hit with both kids and adults. Everybody gets a share of the laughs!

While party games are fun to play, getting started can be quite a task, especially when you're setting up the groups. When you're competing against other teams, the first thing you need to do is pick an awesome name for your group. Catchy and creative team names will raise the competitive spirit of the party to a whole new level!

Need Help Choosing? Get 500+ Name Ideas Below!

The list below showcases 500 of the best group names for various party games. If you have a killer name you'd like to add or something else to share, feel free to post it in the comments section at the bottom.

Funniest Names for Your Gaming Team

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Rational Wolfpack

Kitchen Mafia

Peace Rainbows

Productive Escapism

The Public Spat

All in the Mind

Halter Ego

Heart Dark Matter

Thrill Called Money

Gossip Goblins

The Fabulous Swag

Knucklebone Pirates

Baddies and Buddies

Finicky Pals

Go! Get Shopping

Tolerant Wise Geeks

Planet Geek

Inner Frustration

The Weekend Scatter

Ex-Girlfriend Parables

Bards of Play

Thrill Mafia

Calm Buddies

Wondering Minds

Hairy Tribe

Hard Work Crisis

The Married Rant

Sale Tale Divas

Shiny Bald Heads

The Mind Grind

Foodie Stories

Housekeeping Tips

The Rooftop Thinkers

Mom's Recipes

What's in the Handbag

'Til Money Do Us Apart

Sale in Town

Go Betters

Beer Over Chicks

Untold Secrets

That Manly Thing

Text Addicts

Open Book Clan

The Spa Women

Mind Junk Escapism

Stumble and Rise

Geek Things

Staunch Divas

Freedom Diaries

Fun Chum Battalion

Busy Bee Buddies

The Back Bench Clan

Full-Time Lovers

Talent Kingdom

Poetic Rust

The Inner Chambers

Alien Annihilators

Small-Screen Zombies

Ex-Boyfriend Parables

The Smash Egos

Womanly Women

The Other One

Frantic Stardust

Tales About Her

Best Buddy Bandits

The Brew Crew

The Woodie Choice

The Private Spot

All Single Mingles

Magnitude Calm

Buster Monkeys

Pure Black Cuts

Food Ninjas

The Slim Chance Singles

Hollow Dwell Goons

Shake Makers

Stargaze Ideas

Mad Tolerance

Legal Hunger Maniacs

Cereal Herd

Home Remedy Mermaids

School Drool Messiahs

Ramrod Roadies

Free Idea Monsters

Dark Scatter Headrush

Hopscotch Bravehearts

All Things Bride

Laidback Motivators

Secret Chambers

Soup Gremlins

Tales About Him

That Vroom Thing

Tip Samaritans

The Pill Chapters

The Doubt Club

Recycle Goons

Quick Fix Makeup

Hungry for Gossip

Werewolf in My Mind

How-to Genies

Spinal Logic

Granola Bar Barbarians

"We're Baddies and Buddies, and we're going to beat you all!"

"We're Baddies and Buddies, and we're going to beat you all!"

How to Pick the Perfect Team Name for Your Group

Every group needs a good name. While the name can be funny, unique, and creative, it also needs to reflect the character and the identity of the team members. A strong name will give your group visibility; on the other hand, a weak name might make your team disappear in the crowd.

Use a mix of nouns and adjectives to come up with a unique name. Feel free to use expressive words that generate hype or create a buzz—after all, it’s a party! Be open to suggestions and recommendations from all the members of your group. It makes sense to pick a team name that's related to the type of game you are playing, like "Trivia Titans" or "Beer Pong Poodles," but it's also funny to pick something totally unrelated.

What to Avoid

In general, you should avoid names that are long and overly complex. However, if you feel that a long name suits your group best, then go for it! No matter what you choose, make sure your team name isn't rude or offensive.

Most Creative Party Team Names

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Spam Ninjas

Armed With Odd

Her Dad's Big and Strong

The Fabulous Ends

Sunriser Sensuality

Out With Secrets

At Your Own Frisk

Eureka! I Broke Up

Coffee Kills Aliens

No Mother-Tutored Daughters

Under Earth Demons

Hangover Talkers

We Fry Heads

Razzle Monkey Mafia

We've Got a Doll

Done With Sober

Brew by Night

Alien Squirrel Bite

Finger Puppet Assassins

Get Me to Logout

Talk Block Aliens

Just Getting Started

The Best Excuses

Chronic Mystery Cats

There She Goes (Again)

Check in to Check Out

Martian Rides

The Drift Club

After 10 Rant

Engineers on a Rampage

Finally Found

Burning Calories Shopping

Beyond the Lies

Timekeepers of Time

The New Mad

The Nerd Herd

Dude Got Her

Mind Matter Scatter


How Not to Be Broke

After Ten Sob

Please Say I'm Done

Change of Fart

Definitely Mind

Smile Detectives

The Next Door Chatter

Invisibly Speaking Truth

Brew Demons

Finding Free Meals

Mama Mia! Check Them

Potential Whiz Gonzos

The Smart Broke

Destiny Lies Here

The Back Ends

Early Morning Loudmouths

Slapnut Mind Boggle

Mind Meadows

Chant for Freedom

Login Addicts

Silence Is Olden

Tech Samaritan Affair

Scissor Freedom

Thunder Duck Crackers

Ping Roosters

What if Clan

Mind Giants

Finally Through

Full Wallet Magicians

Flying Acid Porcupines

Phew! We Missed Her

The Intolerant Girlfriends

Tenacious Tranquil

Three Timing Guide

Scum Thrill Demons

Ball Dance Duds

Splatter on a Platter

Fresh After Breakup

Miracle Turds

Late Night Stumble

Business in Bed

Spider Bombers

Geek Analysts

Take My Side

Zombie Thing

Spew It Out

Had Too Much

Scatter Escapists

The Art of Job-Hopping

Mad Thrash Wizards

Damn! She Doesn't Lie

The ***k Stops Here

Trigger Tech Technocrats

Jigsaw Poltergeists

Brawler Monkey Spank

Singles for Mingles

Flaming Forks

Pimp Wreck Doctors

Ancient Alien Ambush

Wiggling Wanderers

Done With Hangovers

Big Matchstick Proportions

Only Here for Dessert

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"Another point for the Eureka Moments!"

"Another point for the Eureka Moments!"

Why Should You Play Group Games at Parties?

The purpose of group games at parties is to have fun while being competitive. Playing these games is a great way to interact and to help your guests get to know each other, whether they're meeting for the first time or learning new things about their longtime friends!

Playing group games also lets you explore your social skills and get outside your comfort zone. Because of that, they work well as icebreakers or as a way to kickstart the party. Team-based games promote bonding and good cheer while getting everybody enthusiastic about the event!

Unique Group Names for Your Party Squad

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Caution Cannibals

Chicks for Pics

Deep Impact Demons

Ice Iguanas

Avocado Avengers

Firebolt Divas

Devils Gone Good

Diabolic Maul Warriors

Black Magnet Thunder

Bronto Burrito Blast

Bling Cherry Bombs

Hyper Angel Hurricane

Leaping Whiz Magic

Daffodil Kill

Gator Angel Galaxy

Atomic Anacondas

Chromatic Chameleons

Soul Turtles

Gladiator Rip

Blizzard Hell Bombs

Dazzle Daisy Demons

Lark Kryptonite

Cinnamon Divas

Bruise Bomb Babes

Alien Ice Illusion

Devil Ray Boom

Sunkissed Stone Crush

Sonic Bone Blast

Cougar Crossfire

Purple Viper Vultures

Badditude Bandits

Sun Kissed Wisemen

Grass Root Connection

Aqua Avalanche

Barbie Baddies

Blue Chunk Demons

Pizza Encounters

Duct Tape Dragons

Cleat Elite

Atlas Arcs

Sonic Alien Sharks

Skill Crystal Infliction

Blue Fire Geckos

Spitfire Chocolate Cobras

Hammerhead Heatwave

Blitz Barracudas

Blue Hawk Impact

Alien Wasp Sting

Raging Blastoise

Acolyte Angels

Silver Swarm Knights

Mighty Tsunami Wizards

Monster Cosmos

Turbo Pythons

Bambi Revolution

Dastardly Digimons

Slimy Smash Mouths

Purple Lightning Stingrays

Emerald Eclipse Explosion

Spicy Spitfire Splash

Dark Angel Divas

Cute Deceptive Angels

Lime Twist Rascals

Bruin Boomerang

Glitter Busters

Sunshine Sugar Bees

Attitude Chickdom

Blossom of Awesome

Grenade Power Puff

Firelicious Chicks

Goal Bust Mayhem

Soccer Diva Riot

Bodacious Divas

Cotton Candy Kittens

Explosive Angels

Cleat Nostalgia

Fear Fact Factory

Green Laser Exterminators

Burgundy Breath

Doom Disco Duckies

Ice Storm Divas

Ash Kick Domain

Flamin' Blue Lizards

Sparkle Demons

Dream Cookie Gremlins

Bad Attitude Angels

Pirate Piranha Attack

Colossal Crybabies

Gorgeous Drizzle Tornados

Beach Divas

Astral Funk Gators

High Voltage Heartbreakers

Power Puff Princesses

Dino Disco Thrill

Green Rattle Raptors

Sonic Space Monkeys

Black Dragon Thunder

Femme Dragonites

Pickle Lickers

Fizzy Dinosaurs

Hyper Hornets

Hand-Me-Down Buzzkill

"You'll never defeat the amazing skills of Done With Sober!"

"You'll never defeat the amazing skills of Done With Sober!"

Why Does Your Team Need a Name?

When you choose a witty name together, your group members will feel motivated and enthusiastic about playing the game. Also, teams that have strong, powerful, creative, unique, or funny names will generate quite a buzz at parties! If your team wants to be in the spotlight, it's important to pick an attention-grabbing name. Everybody will be talking about it all night.

Best Wacky Team Names for Parties

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By the Lake Angels

Screaming Sin Sabotage

Sleek Stab

Maroon Fire Madness

Eureka Moments

Clank Magic

Red Wolf Domain

Bubblicious Diva Storm

Deadline Breed

Pyros Morose

Sanity Twist

Carefree Cringe

Optimistic Brain Mafia

Dark Angle Encounters

Normal Oracles

Moonshine Matadors

The Borrowers Club

Wear Your Thing

Diagram Nerds

Brain Drain

Harbingers of Heat

Sublime Stingrays

Stormy Tribe

Screaming Nightmare

Freefall Density

Fixed Schedule Fixers

Preacher Tales

Marked Important

Where’s the Bargain

Ambush Architects

Sacred Mind Goblins

Deep Gaze Gremlins

Hairy Henchmen

Maniac Speed Kill

Rattle Tribe

Mystic Zinc

Mind Monkeys

The Nerd Provides

Buckle Syndrome

Shamrock Sinister

Maquina Mercenaries

Viper Velocity

Charismatic Chameleons

Dissected Thoughts

Up by 5

Brain Hit Boredom

Splinter Flash

Blitz Beam

Doomsday Mocha

The Mug Up

Sonic Charade

Mind Scribe Mysteries

Karma Strategies

Macro Monarchs

Geometric Demons

Manic Brain Cells

Mindmap Ozone

Inner Lava Ooze

All Things Covered

The Brainiacs

Sand Bots

Mind Scribes

Solve Disciples

Mighty Midnight Rage

Intensive Thought Unit

Math Our Way

Worst Buddies

Wild Dazzle

Theories to Questions

Screamin’ Blueberries

Undercover Readers

Wise Rush

Traumatic Trivia

Beating Panic

Sledgehammer Chuckers

Breakneck Buckle

Slick Hit Wonders

Morphin' Microwaves

Lightning Lemonheads

Z Star Masterminds

Pepper Locust Aliens

Tackle Clan

Textbook Clan

Stun Groove

Answer Messiahs

Moon Loons

The Bell Rings

Scissor Them Bad

Groove Spirit Trappers

Preacher Teachers

True Mess

Mighty Midnight Angels

Mind for Matter

Green Alien Machine

Preach Prophets

The Extra Bit

Magenta Monarchs

Midnight Moolah

Thrill Kingdom

Breakaway Skeptics

Hidden Infinity

Organized Mumbling

"Prepare to be dazzled by Razzle 'Em Up!"

"Prepare to be dazzled by Razzle 'Em Up!"

Girly Group Names for Your Team

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Hula's the Thing

Sparkle Idol Divas

Tender Surrender Gals

Cat Log Girls

Blonde Puff Princesses

Footloose Slammer Chicks

Bling Gossip

Taste Bud Gals

Giggle Things

Young Dynamic Divas

The Flame Rubies

Saddle Chicks

Entrepreneurial Diva Things

Ice Breaker Divas

Pink Tickle

We Don't Gossip

Chicks Can Kick

Chic Matters

The Fashion Thing

Pink Pegasus

After Math Chicks

Cold Bold Divas

Purple Haze Chicks

Upper Shockers

Boys Over Lunch

Boot Idols

Eye Candy Hurricane

Twirl Twist Divas

Sparkle Noodle Firecrackers

Itsy Bitsy Hots

Men Over Dinner

Text Rant Divas

Mirror Divas

The Pink Fluff

Purplicious Flame Kill

Blend Recipe Fever

Sweaty Amazonian Boom

Glitter Diva Rampage

Fire Fury Ladies

The Heel Awakening

Lil' Massive Cuties

Razzle 'Em Up

Mavens of Makeup

The Jumping Jills

Headstrong Girl Galaxy

Pink Muffins

Wild Purple Bubbles

Tickled n' Pickled

Trippy Hippie Chicks

Sting-Happy Ladybugs

Sugar Plum Chicks

Fly High Girls

Diamond Divas

Gown Diva Station

Flower Twirl

Pink Station Angels

Pixie Dreams

Dream Divas

Blue Shooting Dragonflies

Stop Shop Chicks

Ladybug Panache

Stick 'Em Divas

Firefly Morphins

Purple Silk Kittens

Paddle Chickdom

The Glitter Station

Oomph Is Us

Wild Party Caliber

Curves End Here

Purple Fluff Flame

Bunny Sting Fury

Wild Chic Station

Sting Blaze Powerpuffs

The Pic Divas

Belly Dance Station

Passion Power Pussycats

The Rack Stopover

Bunny Rush

Pink Venom Express

Flaunt Express

The Wild Pink

Sonic Boom Dolphins

Pixie Firebirds

Sassy Kitten Clan

Dark Matter Gals

The Bubble Ends

Tidal Wave Sweethearts

Pink Fever Unicorns

Honeybee Starlight

Starlight Pixies

Red Galaxy Girls

Emerald Stingrays

Chat Lounge Chicks

Magic Star Mermaids

Feel Free Divas

Rainbow Cuties

Blonde Power Gazelles

Groovy Warm Kittens

Just Metal

Celestial Butterflies

Sunshine Princesses

Hardcore Lady-Types

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